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Dog travel and dog-friendly vacations, or just a walk in the local park, this show helps you get the most out of getting out of the house with your dog.


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Dog Travel Experts (6-30-2014) #4032: Tracie asks Paris to share her imaginative list of ideas for summer fun with your dog, from stargazing to picnicking, taking paw prints to making matching bandanas.

Dog Travel Experts (6-09-2014) #4028: Andrea from Fitdog Sports Club in Santa Monica, California, discusses the Do's & Don't's for leaving your dog in doggy daycare, or for sleepovers, at a boarding facility like hers.

Dog Travel Experts (6-02-2014) #4031: Alecia, the inventor of the Walk in Sync harness system, discusses the drawbacks of existing equipment for leash walking with Paris and Tracie, who welcome the amazingly simple system that allows for stress-free and pull-free leash walking in no time flat.

Dog Travel Experts (5-05-2014) #4029: Paris and Tracie compare their favorite treat recipes from Paris's new book THE HEALTHY HOUND COOKBOOK, which is chockful of yummy, nutritious and easy to make treats.

Dog Travel Experts (3-31-2014) #4025: Carrie from discusses RV travel with her Golden Retriever Tanner and Oliver the Papillon.

Dog Travel Experts (3-05-2014) #4023: Are there dog training issues that relate specifically to travel? Tracie and Paris talk about car manners, barking in hotel rooms and other potential problems that could put a damper on your vacation and how to prevent them.

Dog Travel Experts (2-05-2014) #4027: David Frei, “the voice of the Westminster dog show” talks about the schedule of fun for visitors to NYC and all the competitions people can enjoy.

Dog Travel Experts (1-29-2014) #4026 : Anne Maria Tafoya tells about her amazing adopted Pomeranian Sophia Loren, who went from cowering under the sofa to strutting the runway in thousand dollar doggy couturier gowns for Pet Fashion week in NYC before the Westminster dog show.

Dog Travel Experts (1-22-2014) #4024: Tracie and Paris talk to Lucy of The Honest Kitchen whose recent newsletter featured her two rules about safe car travel: windows up and leashes on whenever on the road. And Quickies for dog training rewards — and a Valentine's Day special! Tweet this.

Dog Travel Experts (1-15-2014) #4022: Rachel from the blog PrestonSpeaks talks about packing for airplane travel with her darling Westie and shares her checklist.

Dog Travel Experts (1-08-2014) #4021: Winter activities — how to stay busy indoors and out and a New Year's resolution to qualify your dog as a Canine Good Citizen.

Dog Travel Experts (12-25-2013) #4020: Mary-Alice recounts the joys and challenges on her recent trip with her pooch in Europe and the U.K.

Dog Travel Experts (12-18-2013) #4019: Paris gives her 10 Holiday tips for pet travel.

Dog Travel Experts (12-11-2013) #4018: Jessica in Richmond Virginia joins the show to tell about traveling to national monuments with her dog Charlie, and how she manages his chronic illness, Addison's Disease, when they are on the go.

Dog Travel Experts (12-04-2013) #4017: Mark from Pepe Infiniti in Westchester New York talks about the Fur-Ever Safe Dog Travel Boutique online, and Paris and Tracie pick their favorite items.

Dog Travel Experts (11-27-2013) #4016: Paris' new book TEXAS WITH DOGS will inspire you to get right in your vehicle and head to the dog-friendly beaches on the Texas shore.

Dog Travel Experts (11-20-2013) #4015: Lisa — who was the Radio Pet Lady Network “Spokespet” winner with her darling dog Teddy — describes her journey to writing a book about the National Dog Week founder.

Dog Travel Experts (11-13-2013) #4014: Stacy Mantle from Pets Weekly describes the joys of traveling with her amazing kitty cat and Tracie and Paris announce the new Neko Flies Sleeping Bag contest.

Dog Travel Experts (11-06-2013) #4013: Carol from Fidose Of Reality tells about the dress-up hotel stay with your dog to benefit Wigglebutt Warriors; Jimmy from the Pepe Infiniti Furever Safe Dog Travel boutique raves about the Twistep for his SUV.

Dog Travel Experts (10-30-2013) #4012: Megan Blake describes how Air Hollywood is teaching dogs airport and airplane etiquette in K9 flight school.

Dog Travel Experts (10-23-2013) #4011: Grendel the 180 lb. European Great Dane in Florida travels everywhere as a certified therapy dog.

Dog Travel Experts (10-16-2013) #4010: Paris and Tracie announce the Wanderbed contest and Gordie from Kurgo describes this roll-up bed that goes wherever your dog travels.

Dog Travel Experts (10-09-2013) #4009: Tracie and Paris welcome Mark from the Pepe Infiniti in White plains, New York, who has launched the Fur-ever Safe Dog Travel boutique — also online!

Dog Travel Experts (10-02-2013) #4008: Missy (from Dogs for Paws) introduces Tides—her new puppy Basset Hound—and gets advice from Tracie and Paris to get him a Kurgo harness ASAP.

Dog Travel Experts (9-25-2013) #4007: Sonja from Montecristo Travels shares more stories about the 3½ lb. Chihuahua's sailing adventures in Greece.

Dog Travel Experts (9-18-2013) #4006: Tracie and Paris talk with Liam about his dog's urination problems in his car crate and the co-hosts give him a lot of advice about getting Rascal to love his crate, and then to travel in it. Tracie sends an Adaptil collar to Liam so help reduce Rascal's travel anxiety.

Dog Travel Experts (9-11-2013) #4005: Gordie Spater, co-founder of Kurgo, discusses vehicle protection products that can save car interiors from shedding, drooling dogs and allow you to take human passengers once in a while!

Dog Travel Experts (9-04-2013) #4004: Holistic veterinarian Dr. Laurie Coger tempts Paris and Tracie with the upcoming session of Canine Camp Getaway Sept 21 at Lake George, where people stay in style with their dogs, who swim, hike, learn how to be therapy dogs and see demos from police bomb-sniffing and attack dogs. Tracie wants to go with her younger Weimaraner Teddy and learn lure coursing, which she's never heard of!

Dog Travel Experts (8-28-2013) #4003: Tracie and Paris speak with Gordie Spater, co-founder of Kurgo, who created the idea of comfort and safety for dogs traveling in cars.

Dog Travel Experts (8-21-2013) Tracie and Paris learn more about geocaching with your dog from Beth Bodenstein of; Susan Sims, publisher of FIDO Friendly magazine talks about her upcoming Route 66 Adoption Tour from Los Angeles to Chicago to benefit shelters.

Dog Travel Experts (8-14-2013) Tracie and Paris were joined by Dawn Ross of to discuss safety in the car; Bonnie Joy Dewkett, a professional organizer from The Joyful Organizer called in to talk about keeping your pets safe in a disaster.

Dog Travel Experts (8-7-2013) Tracie and Paris spoke with Allison, official dog trainer for Tracie's DOG TALK® radio show, who recently transported Oliver, a Havanese on his first car trip, and provided tips on a dog's first car ride. Next, Sonja from shared her recent trip with Montecristo, a globe-hopping 3 1/2 lb. long-haired Chihuahua, who just returned from sailing in Greece and touring Bulgaria.

Dog Travel Experts (7-31-2013) Tracie and Paris took a call from Holly about her dog Fritz, who is experiencing frequent carsickness. Next, guest Bob Shaughnessy of talked about his recent trip with his dog Cuba to the island of St. Barts. Bob also spoke about group travel excursions he's led for dog lovers to NYC, Charleston, South Carolina., DC, Naples, Florida, and Philadelphia.

Dog Travel Experts (7-24-2013) Tracie and Paris spoke with Carrie Boyko from about her tips for taking a multi-day, multi-state trip with your dog. Along with tips for people traveling alone with their dog, Carrie also shared suggestions on dining on your road trip with your dog, exercise and pit stops along the way, and safety considerations in the car. During the rest of the hour, Tracie and Paris talked about a topic on many people's minds these days: heat. Along with tips for keeping your dog cool in the summer, the co-hosts shared their own experiences about how their dogs handle the hot weather.

Dog Travel Experts (6-26-2013) Tracie and Paris discussed an important upcoming event: July 4th. The tools to help with the thunderphobia that results in many lost dogs on July 4th (more than any other day of the year) are also excellent tools for traveling dogs. In the second half of the show, dining with dogs was the topic, from the importance of carrying your dog's food on a vacation (including a discussion of the many lightweight dehydrated dog foods available) to the growing number of dog-friendly patio restaurants.

Dog Travel Experts (6-19-2013) Tracie and Paris spoke with Dr. Laurie S. Coger and Founder Janice Costa of the Canine Camp Getaway of NY. This special dog-friendly vacation offers owners and dogs the chance to learn new skills from agility to rally obedience to lure coursing. Paris and Tracie talked about the joy of a vacation where you could do everything--from pool swimming to dining—with your dog in a fun, welcoming environment with fellow dog lovers.

Dog Travel Experts (6-12-2013) Tracie and Paris talked with Susan Koehler of, an online network of pet sitters and community of dog lovers. Susan explained how only a fraction of pet sitters are accepted into and the benefits of hiring a professional pet sitter versus a relative or neighbor. Both in-home and in the pet sitter's home stays were discussed as well as the many extras that offers including photos, texts and video and even one of the most requested services: allowing the dog to sleep with the sitter!

Dog Travel Experts (6-05-2013) On a special episode of DOG TRAVEL EXPERTS, Tracie and Paris discuss in-cabin travel with small dogs. Rachel Phelps, publisher of, is the episode's guest and discusses flying with her Westie named Preston when she exhibits and speaks at Amazing Pet Expo shows nationwide.

Dog Travel Experts (5-29-2013) Simulcast at the Halo City Tails NYC pop-up shop in Manhattan, this special show highlighted safety tips as you camp with your dog. Paris and Tracie spoke with guest Stacy Mantle from about safety issues including snakes, predators, dog aggression, heat, skunks, porcupines, and more.

Dog Travel Experts (5-22-2013) Tracie and Paris spoke with Sheila Williams, blogger at Posh Pet Travel, about her travel experiences with her pug, Phoebe Rose. Next Missy Johnson, artist at Dogs for the PAWS, talked about the many dog-friendly travel opportunities that she and her basset hounds enjoy in her hometown of Charleston, South Carolina. Other topics included what questions you should ask a potential hotel when making a reservation, what special information you need on your dog's travel ID tag, and how to keep a new four-legged traveler happy in your hotel room.

Dog Travel Experts (5-15-2013) Paris and Tracie spend the hour talking with Gil about his wonderful 95 lb. Yellow Lab guide dog Satch &mdash for whom dog travel is quite different from the rest of us! Gil discusses the challenges and joys of traveling on foot, by bus or by plane for a blind person with a seeing eye dog, and the hand-held GPS for blind people he has helped develop and demonstrate all over the country. Carol calls in from Sit & Stay Global — as a former flight attendant she is now the attendant and nanny for traveling dogs on peoples' private jets (she was on her way to Rome for a couple of days with Sammy, a lab she has to keep out of the Trevi fountain!) and she recommended a Roadie Ruff Rider: harness to save Satch's life on board in case an airplane hits unexpected turbulence.

Dog Travel Experts (5-08-2013) On this special episode of DOG TRAVEL EXPERTS, Paris and Tracie talk with Andy Smit, founder of, the world's first search and booking engine exclusively for pet facilities. Along with discussing pet boarding with Andy, Tracie and Paris also talk with three unique pet accommodations that are members of Furlocity about what makes them unique in the ever-changing world of pet boarding.

Dog Travel Experts (5-01-2013) Tracie and Paris discussed beach travel with your dog, recalling Paris' trip with her dogs to the Texas coast last week. Along with safety issues like coyotes, heat, drinking salt water, and rattlesnakes, they also discussed the many pet-friendly accommodations, restaurants, and attractions available to pet travelers. Tracie and Paris also discussed another important aspect of pet travel: the many ways that traveling with a dog both helps you save money and meet local residents.

Dog Travel Experts (4-24-2013) Tracie and Paris discuss a type of travel that unleashes all kinds of etiquette questions: staying with friends and family. How do you know if it's a good idea for you and your dog to stay with a friend? What if that friend has a dog? Or small children? And what if a friend wants to bring her dog and stay in your home: what's the best way to introduce your dogs and ensure that everyone has a successful, stress-free visit?

Dog Travel Experts (4-17-2013) Tracie and Paris discussed a vital part of dog travel: a hotel stay with a dog. From researching and booking a hotel to packing for a hotel stay to dealing with in-room issues like barking and crating, this week's show provides information for anyone considering a hotel stay with Fido.

Dog Travel Experts (4-10-2013) Paris and Tracie hosted a special episode of DOG TRAVEL EXPERTS to discuss dog parks and answer listener questions about taking their dogs to the dog park. Megan asked about a problem she's having with her dog not wanting to socialize with other dogs at the dog park while Amy asked if it's safe for her seven-pound Yorkie to venture from the small dog to the large dog section of the dog park. Grace wanted to know what she should pack for a visit to her local dog park, and Sharon inquired as to a good app for locating dog parks while on the road.

Dog Travel Experts (3-27-2013) Tracie and Paris discussed Paris' upcoming appearance with on Saturday at Amazing Pet Expo's San Antonio Pet Expo; a recent visit to Pedernales State Park, a Texas park that illustrates the dangers some pet owners might not consider in a new destination such as flash floods and rattlesnakes; where to find out if a state you'll be visiting requires a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection or CVI; the best way for dogs to ride in the car (and where NOT to let them ride in the car); and how old is too old for dogs to travel as well as when to introduce puppies to travel.

Dog Travel Experts (3-20-2013) Tracie and Paris discussed Operation Roger, a great network of truckers that provides transport for dogs across the country; when you should feed your dog while on a trip; how to know if there's a pollution problem in the waters where your dog is swimming; advice from about alligator dangers to your dog when you're visiting Florida; what to do with your dog during some "non dog" time during a big city visit; and tips for taking your dog to a big league baseball game.

Dog Travel Experts (3-13-2013) Tracie & Paris (DogTipper) had a lively discussion including: What’s the best way to prevent my pup from getting carsick? How often should I give the dogs a rest stop on a long trip? How can I teach my dog to enjoy riding in the car? Where can I find information on emergency veterinarians, regardless of where I'm traveling?




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