What To Look For In a Kennel

The holiday weekend is upon us, but what if you decided at the last minute not to bring Fido? While there are lots of great boarding options available, finding the right kennel for your dog requires knowing what questions to ask.

Be a Winner: Switch to Healthy Weight Management Food

Everyone Can Be a Winner: Just Switch to Healthy Weight Management Food I wanted to dance a little jig today when I learned that an old friend of mine (he’s literally old, too — a very vibrant 80 years old!), was inspired by listening to THE EXPERT VET to put his own 12-year-old Lab Maverick […]

I Had a Dream – The Dog Film Festival – And It’s Coming True!

I Had a Dream – The Dog Film Festival – And It’s Coming True! How often do you have a dream — and then it comes true because other people have been dreaming it, too?!  The Dog Film Festival is my first experience of what it feels like to “imagine it and they will come” — and […]

The New Dog Flu: What You Need To Know

The New Dog Flu – What You Really Need To Know By now you’ve probably heard about the brand new H3N2 strain of dog flu that has swept through Chicago, sickening and killing dogs. Halo’s own veterinary expert, Dr. Donna Spector, happens to practice in Chicago, where she is a board certified internist so I […]

Levi the Pug is a Champion at Losing!

Levi the Pug is a Champion at Losing! This is a shout-out to Levi, the not-so-chubby-anymore Pug in South Dakota, who is the lucky newest member of the Halo Healthy Weight Challenge Club. Levi needed to drop some pounds before his vet would consider doing the sight-saving eye surgery he needed, and his mom Kimberly […]

Japanese Chin Vinny the Vivamune Puppy

Japanese Chin Vinny the Vivamune Puppy My radio sponsor Vivamune makes an immune-system-boosting supplement that I wanted some of my special listeners to “road test,” and I thought of the beautiful little Japanese Chins being rescued and fostered, often from puppy mills, who might really benefit from the added boost to their wellness. My own […]

Play Hide-the-Treats

Play Hide-the-Treats Is an over-hungry cat driving you nuts begging for food? You can play “hide and seek” with freeze-dried treats hidden around the house – or put inside a treat-dispensing toy to help settle down your kitty’s cravings! Kylie listens to my radio shows and wrote me about her kitty. “My cat is hungry […]

CO Monitors Will Save Pets’ Lives

CO Monitors Will Save Your Pets’ Lives (and the rest of your family, too!) Everybody is aware by now of the importance (and legal necessity) of having smoke alarms in their homes — and we’ve heard those amazing stories of dogs (and even cats) who awaken their sleeping owners when they smell smoke in the […]

Skunked in Winter!

Skunked in Winter! The snowiest, coldest winter in memory has been challenge enough, trying to entertain and burn off the energy of a young, super-hyper, over-the-top energetic young dog. It has been so brutally cold, and the snow at the side of the roads has been piled so high, that I have not been able […]

Dangers of Driving With A Dog In Your Lap

Dangers of Driving With A Dog In Your Lap Keep your dog in the back of the car when you are driving! Most importantly, keep a small dog off your lap whether you are the driver or the front seat passenger. I have been advocating this safety measure for years, beginning with advice in The […]