A Happy Ending for a Homeless Lady and Her Dog

A Happy Ending for a Homeless Lady and Her Dog The recent inaugural Dog Film Festival in New York City gave me and the audience many opportunities to look at the human-canine bond from different perspectives. Many of us treasure and value our connection with our dogs and cannot imagine life without them — but […]

Corporate Philanthropy – What Does That Mean?

Corporate Philanthropy – What Does That Really Mean? So many companies, large and small, make reference to donating a portion of their profits to charity. Most of us don’t stop to ask what that actually means. How much are they really giving away — and what is their motivation? Is it cynical of us as […]

Treating Fido Like Family in China

Treating Fido Like Family in China Mary Peng advocates for the welfare of the rapidly growing number of “companion animals” in Chinese cities. [Journalist Debra Bruno writes for the Atlantic and posted this superb article about changing values and practices in China regarding dogs as dinner or family members — and mentions Mary Peng, my […]

Poor Little Doggies

I received an email from Miryam in London, England, asking Dr. Donna Spector and me to devote time on our show, The Expert Vet on the Radio Pet Lady Network (RadioPetLady.com) to discuss the horrible genetic brain malformations SM and CM, that her own little Chihuahua, Mia, is suffering from, as are many Cavalier King […]

Are You Playing Russian Roulette Giving Your Dog a Bone?

I am amazed that there are still people who do not realize how dangerous it can be to give their dog a bone to chew on as a “treat” — because it can be life-threatening and send their dog to the emergency clinic. I fondly recall the childhood ditty “With a knick knack, paddywhack, give […]

Freekibble and Halo to the Rescue in Colorado

The recent horrendous flooding in Colorado reminds us all how vulnerable we are to the vagaries of weather, and often how little time there is for people to react and save themselves, their families and homes, and the animals who share their lives. I know many people in the past week shared my desire to […]

Halo Blog: Judged By The Company We Keep – Why Ellen Matters To Me & To Halo

I grew up learning that we can be judged by the company we keep. And as life has gone on, I have certainly embraced that mantra for myself, both personally and professionally. Mindful of the possible effect I have on pets and their people as I have become someone whose advice is followed, I give […]