Halo Gives Me Much To Be Thankful About

Halo Gives Me Much To Be Thankful About Every week I have the privilege of sharing some of my thoughts and interests about pets with the Halo audience. As we all try to take a moment to reflect on what we are thankful for at this time of the year, I continue to be amazed […]

Is Wet Cat Food Really So Much Better Than Dry?

Is Wet Cat Food Really So Much Better Than Dry? I got this letter from Carol, a listener to my show CAT CHAT® that really made an impression on me because it was so honest about her long-held skepticism about my urgent recommendation to everyone that they feed canned food to their kitties. “I have […]

Cats are Eating Cindy out of House and Home

Cats are Eating Cindy out of House and Home I got this email from Cindy, who is a Cat Chat® listener, and has taken to heart my advice to feed cats wet food only, because they are obligate carnivores whose bodies don’t need or do well with carbohydrates. She wrote: “Thanks to you, over the […]

The #1 Way to Undo the Good of Feeding Canned Cat Food

The #1 Way to Undo the Good of Feeding Canned Cat Food Have you been following my advice to feed only the highest quality canned food to your cats? Have you chosen a food high in good quality protein and low in carbohydrates? Good for you! But wait! Have you been “cheating” on your cat […]

“Investigating” Weruva’s Pet Food Plant

I received this from a listener I was able to help emotionally after a tragic accident in which her little kitten Emma got stuck inside a litter pail and died. Then I heard from her with concerns about the manufacture of Weruva cat food. I am blogging this so that it can educate all of […]

Any Doubts About Weruva’s Food Made in Thailand?

Hi there – I just love your show and yes I do own both the Cat and Dog “Bibles.” I read them quite often for advice unlike some books where the info is so limited you never refer to it again. I had no problem switching the cats from ugly carbs to wet food and […]

Halo Made My “Impossible” Dream Come True!

My dream has always been to find canned cat foods that had no more than 10% of calories from carbohydrates in it. That was a dream I shared with all health-conscious cat lovers, who recognize that the cat is an obligate carnivore and should eat a meat diet — ideally one with only about 10% […]

Do-It-Yourself Puzzle Feeder to Keep your Kitty Amused

I am not going to take credit for this idea of a homemade activity feeder to enrich your pussycat’s life — but I am going to be the one to give you the idea of making your puzzle feeder healthy by using it with Halo’s new Healthy Weight Whitefish and Salmon Spot’s Stew for cats. […]

Beware: “Crude Protein” Doesn’t Mean What You Think!

It came as a big surprise to me to learn that the words “crude protein” that you see on all bags of pet food — that you are carefully looking for on the label — don’t really have anything directly to do with what we think of as being protein — meat, fish or poultry. […]

Cats Are Not Little Dogs

It’s important when making decisions about how to feed your kitty to realize that there is not much physiologically that cats and dogs have in common — except maybe a very keen sense of smell! One of the main ways in which cats are different than dogs is in their digestive systems. Cats are obligate […]