Cat Chat ®

Tracie originally spent 7 years on the Martha Stewart channel of SiriusXM
satellite radio producing and hosting CAT CHAT® as a live, call-in show –
helping cat owners solve the mysteries and challenges of living with
felines, base don her encyclopedic book, THE CAT BIBLE: Everything Your Cat
Expects You to Know, which exposed myths and misconceptions, especially
about what to feed a cat (calling any dry food for the obligate carnivores
“kitty crack”). This show continues to offer advice, information and
support for cat lovers, with the on-air assistance of the Official Vet of
the show, Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins.

Hosted by Tracie Hotchner, Elizabeth Hodgkins, DVM

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Home Remedy for Ringworm

May 16, 2016

Cat Chat (05-16-2016) #1053: Dr Elizabeth Hodgkins and Tracie talk to Wendy from the NJ shore with questions about how to handle ringworm and Dr. Elizabeth gives her “home remedy”: get lime sulfur from the garden store and dilute it in a 20-1 ratio and rinse the cat with it to stop the cycle. Wendy […]

Man Behind Curved Wall Shelves for Cats

April 19, 2016

Cat Chat (04-18-2016) #1056: Josh Feinkind is the mastermind behind the Refined Feline, a private company that made a high design cat tree called the Lotus Tree — from which have now come the Lotus Leaf and Lotus Branch curved wall shelves for cats. Turn your otherwise boring walls into “living feline theater” where you […]

Tiny Hats On Cats

March 21, 2016

Cat Chat (03-21-2016) #1051: Adam Ellis talks about his quirky book TINY HATS ON CATS: BECAUSE EVERY CAT DESERVES TO FEEL FANCY, with photographic step-by-step instructions on making elaborate paper hats for your kitty —- “just because!” MP3 Audio [7 MB]DownloadShow URL

Feline Mystery: Kittens Can Kill

February 22, 2016

Cat Chat (02-22-2016) #1054: Author Clea Simon talks about the inspiration for her feline mystery in KITTENS CAN KILL. MP3 Audio [10 MB]DownloadShow URL

Truth and Lies About Cats

January 25, 2016

Cat Chat (01-25-2016) #1052: From New Zealand, Max Cryer talks about his book THE CAT’S OUT OF THE BAG: TRUTH AND LIES ABOUT CATS — an eclectic collection of words, phrases, movies, literature and history about cats. MP3 Audio [8 MB]DownloadShow URL

Avoid “Kidney Diet” Recommendation

December 21, 2015

CAT CHAT (12-21-2015) #1047: Does your kitty have kidney issues and your vet recommends a prescription “kidney diet?” Dr. Elizabeth is firmly opposed to such a high carb dry diet for any cat, and especially not for one with kidney challenges. Cats are misdiagnosed as having kidney “failure” when all they need is a canned […]

How to Make Raw Meals for Your Cat

November 30, 2015

Cat Chat (11-30-2015) #1046: Want to feed raw to your kitties? Robin calls in from Connecticut to ask for Dr Elizabeth’s formula for making raw meals for her cats. Dr Elizabeth uses half ground bone-in chicken and half meat only — then adds Platinum Performance Feline Wellness, which she has used for decades and requires […]

Challenges When Adding Another Cat

November 9, 2015

Cat Chat (11-09-2015) #1042: Dr. Elizabeth talks about the challenges of adding a new cat as a friend for your kitty and suggests using multi-cat Feliway diffusers throughout the house. She also recommends a young orange male as a companion, known to be the most laid back of all cats, which she knows having just […]

Detecting Kidney Disease Early

October 5, 2015

Cat Chat (10-05-2015) #1048: Does your cat have kidney disease? Don’t you wish there had been a way to find it earlier, before it permanently damaged your kitty’s kidneys? Now there’s a way! The Maine-based company IDEXX has created a new test to find early signs of kidney disease and Dr. Katie Pietsch talks about […]

Biggie’s Struggle to Lose Weight

September 21, 2015

Cat Chat (09-21-2015) #1043: Dr. Nichole Agarwal took in Biggie the cat, who at 37 lbs became a social media star with other cat owners struggling to take pounds off their own cats. Dr. Nichole and Tracie agree that “kitty crack” was to blame for Biggie’s horrible condition, although his prior owner did not know […]