Cat Chat ®

Tracie originally spent 7 years on the Martha Stewart channel of SiriusXM
satellite radio producing and hosting CAT CHAT® as a live, call-in show –
helping cat owners solve the mysteries and challenges of living with
felines, base don her encyclopedic book, THE CAT BIBLE: Everything Your Cat
Expects You to Know, which exposed myths and misconceptions, especially
about what to feed a cat (calling any dry food for the obligate carnivores
“kitty crack”). This show continues to offer advice, information and
support for cat lovers, with the on-air assistance of the Official Vet of
the show, Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins.

Hosted by Tracie Hotchner, Elizabeth Hodgkins, DVM

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Heartworm in Cats

August 28, 2017

Cat Chat (08-28-2017) #1071: Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins talks about how the risk of heartworm in cats is lower than in dogs, but they still can get it so cats need the heartworm antibody test regularly. She explains that while cardiac issues arise, heartworms actually get into the pet’s lungs. She gives tips about how your […]

Gotham Shops With Resident Cats

July 24, 2017

Cat Chat (07-24-2017) #1067: Tamar Arslanian’s book SHOP CATS OF NEW YORK gives us a peek inside some gorgeous Gotham stores where there’s a resident feline who reigns supreme. MP3 Audio [13 MB]DownloadShow URL

Homemade Simple Makeover

July 3, 2017

Cat Chat (07-03-2017) #1072: Adrienne from talks about being chosen for a makeover by the Homemade Simple show on the Oprah Winfrey Network — and her trick of using catnip SPRAY to lure cats to where you want them to go! MP3 Audio [13 MB]DownloadShow URL

Unsung Heroes Caring for Stray Community Cats

May 29, 2017

Cat Chat (05-29-2017) #1068: Documentary filmmaker Tina Traster is a socially-conscious, award-winning journalist, author, and filmmaker whose film in development, “Catnip Nation,” explores TNR, public ignorance of feral cat colonies, and the challenges facing the unsung and unseen heroes caring for these stray community cats. The film exemplifies everything the new NY Cat Film Festival […]

The World of Feral Cats

May 1, 2017

Cat Chat (05-01-2017) #1069: Dr. Anne Beall discusses how to manage feral cat colonies in her book Community Cats: A Journey into the World of Feral Cats. MP3 Audio [10 MB]DownloadShow URL

Why Every Pet Owner Needs Pet Insurance

April 17, 2017

Cat Chat (04-17-2017) #1065: All about pet insurance — Tracie fills in the what/why/how of why every pet owner really needs insurance coverage in a conversation with Ann from Natick, Massachusetts, who used to listen to CAT CHAT on Sirius/XM and remembers Tracie often giving this advice. MP3 Audio [16 MB]DownloadShow URL

Dr. Elsey’s Healthy Dry Food For Cats

February 27, 2017

Cat Chat (02-27-2017) #1063: Dr. Elsey, the innovative owner of Precious Cat litter and a feline-only veterinarian, decided he had to create a proper dry food for cats to go along with his (and Tracie’s!) philosophy to “Feed food to cats that’s like their natural diet: a bird or a mouse!” Dr. Elsey worries that […]

Serious Health Risk from Cat Scratch Disease

January 16, 2017

Cat Chat (01-16-2017) #1064: Cat Scratch Disease can put you in the hospital! Bruce Kornreich, DVM, is an associate director at the Cornell Feline Health Center, which conducts and sponsors research aimed at preventing and treating diseases in cats. He talks about precautions you need to take if your kitten or cat scratches you, even in play. Read my blog about here:

How To Train Your Cat

November 21, 2016

Cat Chat (11-21-2016) #1061: Your cat wants to learn from you! You can teach your cat to sit, stay and “chill out.” Sarah Ellis speaks from her home in England, where she co-wrote THE TRAINABLE CAT: A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO MAKING LIFE HAPPIER FOR YOU AND YOUR CAT with John Bradshaw. She explains some of the […]

Author: How To Speak Cat

November 7, 2016

Cat Chat (11-07-2016) #1060: Gary Weitzman, CEO of San Diego Humane Society, talks about how he researched his book HOW TO SPEAK CAT: A Guide to Decoding Cat Language. MP3 Audio [10 MB]DownloadShow URL