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Everyone knows it's more fun to bring Fido. Whether it's a walk in the park or a trip around the world, if you plan to bring your furry friend along for the ride, Dog Travel Experts will have you well prepared. Get expert advice on pet transport including flying with dogs; the friendliest airlines and hotels; tips on the best gear; first aid; and pet etiquette for the dog on the go. Being well prepared for pet travel — whether around the block or around the world — means a more pleasurable experience for you, your dog and the people you encounter along the way.

With Tracie Hotchner and Co-Hosted by

Paris PermenterParis Permenter

Author of over 30 guide books, 2,500+ magazine articles and the well loved blogs, and, Paris Permenter combines her lengthy experience as a travel writer with her devotion to her pets to bring the RPLN audience the very best advice, valuable tips, trick and insights.


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DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that the advice I give on the air or in emails — or those you see posted here — are not intended to take the place of a veterinarian's advice or expertise. I say this to protect myself from being misunderstood or from your over-reliance on my advice in situations where your pet may be seriously ill and you would mistakenly delay seeking medical intervention. While I am confident in the research-based facts and common-sense advice I can offer, it is never meant to be used at the exclusion of trained, accredited and board certified professionals. But I also have this disclaimer to protect your cat or dog — because what you learn from me is not intended to take the place of medical care or professional evaluation — on the contrary, my desire is to equip you with information that will allow you to enjoy your pets to the fullest, and also to encourage you to seek professional medical attention whenever there are physical symptoms or an overall change in your pet's attitude. —Tracie Hotchner

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