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Cat Chat® (3-31-2014) #1024: Dr Elizabeth Hodgkins questions whether fat secretes hormones that make you hungry? Does fat beget fat with “molecular messengers”? What can our pet's obesity tell us about our own metabolism?

The Pet Cancer Vet (3-31-2014) #2027: Theresa talks to Dr. Sue about her pet Scoob — a very unlucky individual who has had sarcoma, mast cell cancer, melanoma, and liver cancer — but is incredibly lucky to be still going strong at 14 ½!

Humane Talk (4-14-2014) #8014: Dr. Holly Cheever — a founding member of the Leadership Council of the Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association, and Vice President of the NY State Humane Association — discusses a lifetime dedicated to animal abuse cases and the creation of a “circle of compassion” around animal welfare.

Dog Talk (4/12/2014) Angell Memorial veterinarian Dr. Nick Trout's new novel DOG GONE BACK SOON, is about “the love triangle between pet, vet and owner” — and keeping that animal in their lives as long as possible; Lisa Lunghofer founded, to help non-profits focused on children and pets to “pay it forward;” Rob Jackson, the owner of Healthy Paws pet insurance, sent personalized condolences to Tracie over the loss of Teddy — explaining that they are a company of pet parents — not an insurance company, but a pet company that sells insurance.

Holistic Vets (3-31-2014) #3027: Dr. Barbara focuses on liver issues, which holistic treatments can address — her favorite being Thorne S.A.T. with milk thistle, turmeric, artichoke for chronic elevated liver enzymes — and explains how liver cell destruction is a medical emergency.

Pet Food Advisors (3-31-2014) #7028: Cockroaches! It's what's for dinner! Optimizing food production, sustainability, and nutrient profile of insects as dinner.

Dog Travel Experts (3-31-2014) #4025: Carrie from discusses RV travel with her Golden Retriever Tanner and Oliver the Papillon.

The Expert Vet (3-31-2014) #5025: The Second Pain Show — Dr. Donna discusses using tylenol, NSAIDS, steroids, gabapentin, stem cell, and cold laser for pain. And now there is CanineActiv® — a safe, non-toxic pain reliever with a proprietary anti-inflammatory ingredient made from amino acids.

Good Dogs! (4-14-2014) #6011: Tracie and Marcy Burke of talk to Keri about her 12 week old Golden Retriever puppy, Jake, whose high anxiety about being in his crate was substantially reduced by wearing an Adaptil collar and having a diffuser plugged in.


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