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Authors On Animals (11-24-2014) #113: Alex & Me: How a Scientist and a Parrot Discovered a Hidden World of Animal Intelligence — and Formed a Deep Bond In The Process by psychologist Irene M. Pepperberg, is the remarkable true story of her extraordinary relationship with Alex, an African Grey parrot who proved scientists and accepted wisdom wrong by demonstrating an astonishing ability to communicate and understand complex ideas.

Cat Chat (11-10-2014) #1034: Dr Elsey discusses environmental enrichment to improve your cat's quality of life, and his company Precious Cat's donation to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (his wife suffers from this incurable cancer) with a coupon that saves money for litter-buyers and triggers a donation from Precious Cat with every coupon redeemed.

Dog Talk (11/22/2014) Renowned author Dean Koontz takes a break from writing his own books (400 million of the best-sellers already sold) and lets his wonderful Golden Retriever Anna (a retired service dog from Canine Companions for Independence) write her advice to other dogs in ASK ANNA; Nicole Wilde is a dog trainer who discusses what happens when you adopt a dog and the bonding is slow to take place; Debra Jo in Anaheim, California has raised funds for 2500 pet masks across the country through the Emma Zen Foundation, named for her fire survivor shelter dog, and discusses how she donated 12 pet oxygen masks to the Redlands, California fire department in honor of Joan Rivers after Tracie wrote a tribute about her godmother Joan's devotion to her dogs.

Dog Travel Experts (5-05-2014) #4029: Paris and Tracie compare their favorite treat recipes from Paris's new book THE HEALTHY HOUND COOKBOOK, which is chockful of yummy, nutritious and easy to make treats.

Exotic Pets (11-03-2014) #204: Beth talks about her amazing Critter Camp Sanctuary where she provides a safe, healthy, and happy forever-home to un-adoptable, exotic and unusual pets — and explains how people need to learn about the quirks and requirements of small pets that might pee absolutely everywhere, need a hot and humid environment, or tend to bite people!

The Expert Vet (11-03-2014) #5031: Dr. Donna talks about a Yorkie diagnosed with "heartburn" but still having symptoms and explains what the dog's real problem is — GIRD (gastrointestinal reflux disease) — and how to manage it.

Good Dogs (11-10-2014) #6032: Gayle Watkins of discusses what real aggression is — and what the solution might be for the owners of the aggressive French Bulldog in New Jersey who has bitten several people.

Holistic Vets (11-10-2014) #3035: Dr. Barbara Royal discusses cat wellness, including surprising tips like how buttering a cat's legs can be a useful tool, and how to get ideas for enriching your space for your cat's enjoyment with simple available building materials.

Humane Talk (11-24-2014) #8038: Wayne explains how the HSUS works in cooperation with law enforcement officials to help rescue pets, crack down on animal fighting, and protect wildlife; find out how you can go to school for animals at Humane Society University, with classes online and in Washington, D.C. The university has a wide range of courses and offers undergraduate degrees, graduate certificates, and master's degrees.

Life's A Bark (11-17-2014) #304: "'Best friend' is my middle name." Are you a true friend to yourself? If not, it's hard to be a good one to others.

Pet Cancer Vet (11-17-2014) #2036: Kelli comes to Dr. Sue and Tracie in a state of confusion about her pet Ruben. After working with an internist she has nothing but questions and remains unclear whether he has metastasized lymphoma or an adrenal tumor? Or could it be Cushings Disease? Should she have more testing or go right to surgery? And what about metronomic chemo? Tracie says the inadequate knowledge and communication skills of the internist are a fundamental problem that needs fixing — and Dr. Sue recommends that Kelli get a real oncologist!

Pet Food Advisors (11-24-2014) #7034: Dr. Sean discusses his trip to China and the Shanghai Pet Food Forum, discovering that in this city of 23 million (and in an entire country of emerging middle-class pet owners), the Chinese are not naïve to quality in pet food: they are aggressively pursuing it!

Tails From China (11-24-2014) #4106: Peter Li from the Humane Society International discusses the rescue operation in China when animal welfare groups intercepted 27 trucks on the highway, each one crammed with 500 to 900 dogs stacked in cages and crates that had gone nine days of travel without food or water, many of them dead or dying. The explosive growth in concerns about animal protection in the younger generation (activists born after the 1980's and 90's) that come from single child families that now have money to travel, to read, and to gather information.

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