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Authors On Animals (9-15-2014) #5: Vanessa Woods' marvelous book BONOBO HANDSHAKE is about a little-known breed of lively, loving (and highly sexed!) monkey called the Bonobo, and it will make you laugh to discover what her title actually means.

Cat Chat (8-04-2014) #1031: Ellen from Nekoflies explains her success in introducing new kittens to Bubba, the only remaining kitty member of the original four NekoFlies board and describes the 9 foot floor-to-ceiling scratching posts she built herself to create more space and environmental enrichment.

The Pet Cancer Vet (9-08-2014) #2032: Shannon in Avon Lake, Ohio, talks to Dr Sue and Tracie about her dog Kaya's lymphoma, and they discuss treatments that may help as well as false beliefs that acupuncture can “cure” cancer.

Humane Talk (9-08-2014) #8031: Investigative journalist Michele Hollow of discusses how elephant poaching in Africa is now on the radar of the American security apparatus as ivory is being traded for arms for terrorists. Her article at “Who What Why” explains in depth.

Dog Talk (9/13/2014) The show is dedicated to Tracie's godmother Joan Rivers, focusing on Joan's love of her dogs. The show begins with a eulogy to Joan in the form of Tracie's 43 years of memories of the many dogs that were part of the family, followed by two previous interviews that Joan did on this NPR show and also on Tracie's WOR-AM pet talk radio show in 2010. Joan talks about how she “gets no respect” from her dogs, gets some advice about peeing issues from Tracie, and includes some crazy off-the-cuff comments [as only Joan could pull off] about what she did with her Boston Terrier Lulu's amputated leg and how she wants her ashes to eventually be mixed in with those of all her dogs.

Holistic Vets (8-04-2014) #3031: Barbara talks about a gravely ill pet like Tracie's dog Teddy was, and the challenges of End-of-Life decision-making. How to know if there is hope in the room? And how to approach grieving.

Pet Food Advisors (6-30-2014) #7031: Oils & Fats: Dr. Delaney discusses the wide variety of sources of oils and fat in pet foods, those which may be healthier and those to be avoided.

Dog Travel Experts (5-05-2014) #4029: Paris and Tracie compare their favorite treat recipes from Paris's new book THE HEALTHY HOUND COOKBOOK, which is chockful of yummy, nutritious and easy to make treats.

The Expert Vet (9-15-2014) #5023: "Pain 101” Donna explains the basics of pain management and how older dogs like Tracie's Scooby & Jazzy — with terrible arthritis — have to be managed with multi-modal approach using various supplements, medications and interventions together.

Good Dogs! (9-08-2014) #6029: Lise from Avidog discusses how dogs have different inborn individual canine personality traits — like bold, soft and exuberant.

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