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Authors On Animals (10-13-2014) #109: Michele Raffin describes her life in her own endangered bird sanctuary in Birds of Pandemonium, a fascinating glimpse behind the scenes as we share her joy and wonder at her close relationships with these delightful animals she is now breeding to preserve.

Cat Chat (9-29-2014) #1032: Barbie calls in to discuss her kitty's UTI and bladder stones and Dr. Elizabeth sets her straight about how the correct feeding of wet food plays a vital role in health issues for kitties.

Dog Talk (10/25/2014) Alex Ross Perry wrote and directed LISTEN UP PHILLIP with Jason Schwartzman and his own Fluffy the Cat as Elisabeth Moss' cat Gadzookey, who in real life is his own inspiration as a writer, along with fellow cat Smokey; The Rescue at Dead Dog Beach is Stephen McGarva's account of his heart breaking attempts to care for the tortured and dying dogs on the Puerto Rican beach by that name; Melissa in Alexandria, VA describes competing with her Dutch shepherd Klude in the super tough dog sport of mondioring.

Dog Travel Experts (5-05-2014) #4029: Paris and Tracie compare their favorite treat recipes from Paris's new book THE HEALTHY HOUND COOKBOOK, which is chockful of yummy, nutritious and easy to make treats.

Exotic Pets (10-27-2014) #203: Annie Petersen founded the Association for Human-Animal Bond Studies particularly to promote small animals in classrooms (and in homes like her own!) and speaks about her fascination and love for guinea pigs.

The Expert Vet (10-6-2014) #5030: Donna discusses MRSA/MRSP infections and the difference between the two, as in the MRSP recurrent infection Heather's Weimaraner Gretel in Texas suffered from, as did Tracie's dog Scooby Doo. Dr. Donna recommends the website Worms and Germs Blog for the great handouts they have for pet owners on these topics: MRSP & MRSA.

Good Dogs! (10-13-2014) #6031: Gayle from Avidog discusses the myths about the value of spay/neuter (that it will reduce aggression, which has never been proven) and the unrecognized harm of spay/neuter before at least one year of age because of physiological retardation (leading to joint problems) and an increase in the incidence of bone cancer.

Holistic Vets (9-22-2014) #3034: Dr. Barbara Royal gives tips about de-stressing pets and storm and travel anxiety — especially when it starts in older dogs and you can try estrogen [DES] — using a yoga mat on the back seat of the car, neutralizing static electricity by rubbing a dryer sheet (from Seventh Generation) on your dog.

Humane Talk (10-13-2014) #8024: Paul Shapiro, a lifelong vegan who is VP for Farm Animal Protection at HSUS discusses how social progress is always incremental and requires patience, but that mainstream ideology has changed in the past twenty years and meat consumption has actually dropped 20%.

Life's A Bark (10-13-2014) #302: Smile and the whole world smiles with you. Dogs show us the way.

Pet Cancer Vet (10-20-2014) #2034: Steve Siegel joins Dr. Sue and Tracie to talk about his one-of-a-kind compounding pharmacy for pets of all kinds, and how Best Pet RX meets local New Yorker's needs with same-day delivery in the five boroughs and overnight delivery in the rest of the country, all from a state-of-the-art 10,000 sq. ft. facility right in Manhattan.

Pet Food Advisors (10-27-2014) #7033: Dr Sean explains what a board certified veterinarian like himself does — and the reasons that other veterinarians call on his expertise.

Tails From China (10-27-2014) #4104: Mary Peng talks about the proliferation of exotic pets in China, including the woman who thought she had bought a chinchilla, only to discover she was harboring a squirrel that she could not catch in her apartment! Why do they call them "one week puppies" in China? (Because many puppies live only a week after people buy them too young in markets and they are not vaccinated properly.)

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