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Authors On Animals (11-17-2014) #112: Bob Somerville explores Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah, a no-kill haven for a wide variety of rescued animals in two books, DOGTOWN: A Sanctuary for Rescued Dogs and THE CATS OF KITTYVILLE: New Lives for Rescued Felines.

Cat Chat (11-10-2014) #1034: Dr Elsey discusses environmental enrichment to improve your cat's quality of life, and his company Precious Cat's donation to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (his wife suffers from this incurable cancer) with a coupon that saves money for litter-buyers and triggers a donation from Precious Cat with every coupon redeemed.

Dog Talk (11/15/2014) From England, where he is a Visiting Fellow at the University of Bristol, Dr. John Bradshaw discusses his book CAT SENSE and how little-understood our feline companions actually are — introducing us to the BBC series on cats that includes Ted, the kitten from the farm John mentions; Dr. Tracy Gillet from the Canadian pet supplement company Vivamune talks about developing an awareness of the ingredients we choose to eat for ourselves and our pets, surprising Tracie who had never heard of “The Dirty dozen and the Clean Fifteen” ingredients — and the fact that there are enough pesticides in conventional strawberries that they could actually be used as a pesticide; Crystal from PAWS FOR VETERANS on the Florida coast talks about how Nordic Naturals is helping them in their work to choose dogs from shelters to train as service dogs for returning veterans — with the health benefit of their omega-3 fish oils benefiting both the handlers and the dogs.

Dog Travel Experts (5-05-2014) #4029: Paris and Tracie compare their favorite treat recipes from Paris's new book THE HEALTHY HOUND COOKBOOK, which is chockful of yummy, nutritious and easy to make treats.

Exotic Pets (11-03-2014) #204: Beth talks about her amazing Critter Camp Sanctuary where she provides a safe, healthy, and happy forever-home to un-adoptable, exotic and unusual pets — and explains how people need to learn about the quirks and requirements of small pets that might pee absolutely everywhere, need a hot and humid environment, or tend to bite people!

The Expert Vet (11-03-2014) #5031: Dr. Donna talks about a Yorkie diagnosed with "heartburn" but still having symptoms and explains what the dog's real problem is — GIRD (gastrointestinal reflux disease) — and how to manage it.

Good Dogs (11-10-2014) #6032: Gayle Watkins of discusses what real aggression is — and what the solution might be for the owners of the aggressive French Bulldog in New Jersey who has bitten several people.

Holistic Vets (11-10-2014) #3035: Dr. Barbara Royal discusses cat wellness, including surprising tips like how buttering a cat's legs can be a useful tool, and how to get ideas for enriching your space for your cat's enjoyment with simple available building materials.

Humane Talk (11-17-2014) #8035: Alan Rabinowitz, one of the world's leading authorities on big cats, discusses his book AN INDOMITABLE BEAST: The Remarkable Journey of the Tiger and his life's work devoted to saving wild cat species as CEO of Panthera. He and Tracie share a passionate belief that zoos are nothing more than a condescending view of wildlife and jailing animals is inhumane captivity.

Life's A Bark (11-17-2014) #304: "'Best friend' is my middle name." Are you a true friend to yourself? If not, it's hard to be a good one to others.

Pet Cancer Vet (11-17-2014) #2036: Kelli comes to Dr. Sue and Tracie in a state of confusion about her pet Ruben. After working with an internist she has nothing but questions and remains unclear whether he has metastasized lymphoma or an adrenal tumor? Or could it be Cushings Disease? Should she have more testing or go right to surgery? And what about metronomic chemo? Tracie says the inadequate knowledge and communication skills of the internist are a fundamental problem that needs fixing — and Dr. Sue recommends that Kelli get a real oncologist!

Pet Food Advisors (10-27-2014) #7033: Dr Sean explains what a board certified veterinarian like himself does — and the reasons that other veterinarians call on his expertise.

Tails From China (10-27-2014) #4104: Mary Peng talks about the proliferation of exotic pets in China, including the woman who thought she had bought a chinchilla, only to discover she was harboring a squirrel that she could not catch in her apartment! Why do they call them "one week puppies" in China? (Because many puppies live only a week after people buy them too young in markets and they are not vaccinated properly.)

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