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Authors On Animals (12-01-2014) #114: William Sumner — who with co-author Kelly Milner Halls — wrote SAVING THE BAGHDAD ZOO: A True Story of Hope and Heroes, a photo-essay depicts the U.S. army rescue of zoo animals in the Iraqi war zone.

Cat Chat (12-01-2014) #1035: Jackson Galaxy (also known as Cat Daddy from his popular television show “My Cat from Hell”) talks about his new book CATIFICATION: Designing a Happy and Stylish Home for Your Cat (and You!), co-authored with feline style maven Kate Benjamin from the famed website

Dog Talk (12-13-2014) #399: Roger Mugford, who has worked with the Queen's dogs and runs the UK's leading training center, talks about the APDT certification for dog trainers in the U.S. and the application of his Company of Animals Baskerville muzzles; author Maria Goodavage discusses her newest book TOP DOG: The story of Marine Hero Lucca; veteran Lon Hodge [] extols the virtues of his Labradoodle service dog Gander, who came from Freedom Service Dogs and won the AKC ACE award for 2014. Lon talks about his anthology of dog stories In Dogs We Trust and also discusses Tracie's show TAILS FROM CHINA and his first-hand knowledge of the emerging middle class in China, their love for pets, and the valuable service the International Center for Veterinary Services is offering in Beijing.

Dog Travel Experts (5-05-2014) #4029: Paris and Tracie compare their favorite treat recipes from Paris's new book THE HEALTHY HOUND COOKBOOK, which is chockful of yummy, nutritious and easy to make treats.

Exotic Pets (12-01-2014) #205: Dr. Karen Rosenthal gives an overview of Ferrets as Pets — the highly friendly, social, playful little pets who are like kittens that never grow up. Immediately litter box trained, just put a litter box in a corner (their preferred location to relieve themselves), cover the bottom with Precious Cat litter (Touch of the Outdoors is a very fresh one) and they will give you years of loving companionship.

The Expert Vet (12-01-2014) #5032: Real life examples from Dr. Donna Spector of how “early detection saves lives” (Tracie explains that Dr. Donna will be coming to New York City next October to be at the roundtable discussion at the Dog Film festival — with Dr. Sue from THE PET CANCER VET and Dr. Patrick from HOLISTIC VETS — to raise awareness and give advice on the life-saving potential of senior screenings.

Good Dogs! (12-08-2014) #6033: Marcy from Avidog talks about “heart dogs” and how each of the Avidog Golden Retriever breeder/trainers has had their own once-in-a-lifetime very special dog: Lise with Goose, Gayle with Corey and Marcy herself with Taylor. Marcy explains what dogs teach us and how her dogs have taught her to be in the moment — pay attention — and says, “I am still a student.”

Holistic Vets (12-08-2014) #3037: Dr. Patrick talks about coming to the Radio Pet Lady Network Dog Film Festival next October in New York City and joining the panel discussion on “Early Detection of Cancer Can Save Your Dog's Life” sponsored by VCA Hospitals with “Dr. Sue the Pet Cancer Vet” and “Dr. Donna The Expert Vet.” Dr. Patrick discusses his holistic preventive measures for dogs: keeping slim, eating healthy food, and using anti-inflammatory omega 3 essential fatty acids and supplements.

Humane Talk (12-15-2014) #8041: Wayne talks about an HSUS undercover investigation at a Tennessee Walking Horse show barn, depicting horses having caustic chemicals applied to their legs as well as being whipped, kicked, and hit in the face. The public awareness and criminal indictments that followed were in 2012, when this interview was recorded; Tracie and Wayne discuss proper husbandry of parrots and other birds, in light of a rescue of more than 120 neglected parrots from a supposed sanctuary in Ohio. Though some types of birds make wonderful pets, parrots are intelligent, social, can live many decades, and need specialized care. More information about caring for parrots and other birds can be heard on EXOTIC PETS Interviews with Wayne Pacelle were conducted in 2012; more recent information is available at [Originally recorded in 2012.]

Life's A Bark (12-15-2014) #305: “I Always Miss You” — How dogs show us that it's okay to feel sad or miss someone. It says we care — and that we are emotionally connected.

Pet Cancer Vet (12-15-2014) #2037: Dr. Sue discusses evolving thoughts on the best diet for a pet-with-cancer diet and what kind of supplementation she recommends. Steve calls from Colorado about Kaj, his mini-Schnauzer, whose thyroid cancer has been treated with surgery and metronomic chemotherapy, as he seeks Dr. Sue's recommendations on what to feed diet and supplementation. When Dr. Sue mentions the importance of fruits and vegetables, Tracie recommends The Honest Kitchen raw dehydrated organic foods — which Steve is already feeding! (Dr. Sue will discuss this topic at the Dog Film Festival in October 2015 during the roundtable discussion on “Finding Cancer Early.”)

Pet Food Advisors (11-24-2014) #7034: Dr. Sean discusses his trip to China and the Shanghai Pet Food Forum, discovering that in this city of 23 million (and in an entire country of emerging middle-class pet owners), the Chinese are not naïve to quality in pet food: they are aggressively pursuing it!

Tails From China (11-24-2014) #4106: Peter Li from the Humane Society International discusses the rescue operation in China when animal welfare groups intercepted 27 trucks on the highway, each one crammed with 500 to 900 dogs stacked in cages and crates that had gone nine days of travel without food or water, many of them dead or dying. The explosive growth in concerns about animal protection in the younger generation (activists born after the 1980's and 90's) that come from single child families that now have money to travel, to read, and to gather information.

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