Summer Binge-watching NY Dog & Cat Film Festivals ON DEMAND

DFF-On Demand

Summer Binge-watching the NY Dog & Cat Film Festivals ON DEMAND

It’s summertime- and the livin’ is easy. But where can you turn for good entertainment on summer evenings, when everybody has come inside, worn out from too much outdoor sports, gardening, grilling, visitors, and vacays or stay-cays?

Even with all the choices on cable and streaming services, it can be hard to find something new for the whole family, something uplifting and funny, inspirational and wonderfully ridiculous. And full of the pets you love!

We’ve got you covered! I just lined up a whole array of hour-long programs for the ON DEMAND NY Dog Film Festival & the ON DEMAND NY Cat Film Festival.

If you’ve had the pleasure of seeing the Festivals in a movie theater, you know what an amazing experience it is — and how cool it would be able to share the joy at home with your family and pets! You will see completely different NY Dog Film Festival movies than the ones that have been in the theaters. The NY Cat Film Festival movies are mostly those from last year’s national tour.

Even better: the whole shebang is for animal charity! 100% of your modest download fee ($2.99) goes to Michelson Found Animals, which does such great work nationwide.

100% Goes to Animal Welfare

Michelson Found Animals receives 100% of the net proceeds from every download, which means watching these film collections directly benefits animals. Michelson Found Animals is a national animal welfare organization that fits perfectly with the intention of the film Festivals because of their belief that “pets and people are better together.” Their work focuses on improving the lives of pets and their people in many ways, including:

  • ADOPTIONS that connect pets to forever families.
  • A FREE NATIONAL MICROCHIP REGISTRY that helps lost pets get home.
  • GRANTS that empower local organizations to keep pets out of shelters.
  • RESOURCES, information and other support for pet people.

If you want to “savor the flavor” of what I’ve pulled together in these one-hour programs to please every animal-lover in your living room, there’s a sneak preview trailer for cat lovers and a trailer for dog lovers.

Pop some corn, snuggle up on the couch with your pooch and kitty (and maybe a human or two!) and dive right in.

—Tracie Hotchner
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