Four Paws Up for Bissell

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Four Paws Up for Bissell

Need a new vacuum cleaner for all your dog fur? Are you ready to Spring for a rug shampooer for the rest of the mess dogs leave behind? I was! My carpet shampooer recently petered out, after a dozen years of faithful weekly service trying to stay ahead of 8 [and sometimes 12] paws tracking copious dirt into the house and onto various area rugs. I also needed a new hand held vacuum for the car—also known as the Dog Mobile—which collects a frightening quantity of fur and dirt.

I was ready to purchase and knew I should get good quality given the marathon use such machines get in my world. But I was daunted by the choices.

Stores have many shampooers to choose from, but online shopping is so crammed with choices it makes the decision seem monumental. You can compare four different products. You can look at consumer-helpful videos showing them in action compared to similar models. You can debate whether you should even consider whether spending an extra $50 or saving $25 is worth it looking at the lifetime of a machine.

Bissell Pro Heat 2x Revolution Pet ProI started to do all that and then a light bulb went off! Why was I not automatically buying the iconic American brand Bissell—with top-notch proven pet clean up products—because they make an automatic donation to their own Bissell Pet Foundation for every purchase. (Listen to my interview with Cathy Bissell, who runs the foundation)

This is the happy message I got from Bissell when registering my ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro carpet cleaner (that’s the most recommended one on the internet!):

Thank you for helping us to save pets! $20.00 will be donated to the BISSELL Pet Foundation™. With your support, the BISSELL Pet Foundation™ can ensure more homeless pets get the love and care they need. We’ll keep supporting until every pet has a home.

—Tracie Hotchner

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photo credit: danbruell Sparky Taking It Easy via photopin (license)