Welcoming NATURVET to My World—and Yours!

NaturVet LogoWelcoming NATURVET to My World—and Yours!

Those of you who’ve read my books — THE DOG BIBLE and THE CAT BIBLE — and listened to any of my pet talk radio shows over the years — from my NPR radio show DOG TALK®  (and Kitties, Too!) to Holistic Vets, The Expert Vet, GOOD DOGS! and CAT CHAT®  — know that I firmly believe in the continuing use of high quality natural supplements for various aspects of pet health and wellness. Personally, I have made it a habit to take a number of supplements myself over the years, and have also given supplements to my horses (back when I was showing and breeding) and to my pooches. [Oddly enough I care about peoples’ health, too! Not only do I urge pet owners to do the same for their pets, I even encourage every human whose life I touch to embrace anti-inflammatory supplements like glucosamine/MSM/chondroitin, omega-3 fish oil, and top notch multivitamins!]

The only caveat emptor I emphasize in choosing supplements is that they be of “high quality” — because inferior quality supplements can either be useless or even do harm if their contents are unregulated. The good news for pets is that while it’s not that easy to identify human supplements that hold themselves to a gold standard, it actually is possible to do that with animal supplements. There is a serious organization called the National Animal Supplement Council, whose NASC seal on any supplement label means the company can guarantee the quality and reliability of the supplements they produce.

NaturVetThus it is with great pleasure that I can welcome into the world of the Radio Pet Lady Network one such company as a sponsor: NaturVet. Naturvet  is a family-owned, California-based company that has manufactured natural pet supplements for over 25 years. First, I love the fact that one family started and maintains this company, which shows a consistent dedication to the mission of the brand that would be hard for a large corporation to achieve. In a world of conglomeration, where smaller private companies are so often bought out by venture capitalists and/or larger companies — when that happens, there is necessarily a change in how products are made (and I might add, cynically, rarely to the benefit of the pets).  I believe it’s essential to seek out and support those smaller, privately-held companies whose commitment to the quality of their formulations and ingredients is the basis of their success.

NaturVet takes pet health seriously: they are registered and audited by the FDA and are also a member of the NASC. But they go “above and beyond” by offering an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee on any of the wide range of their veterinarian-formulated supplements.NaturVet’s no-questions-asked guarantee is a pretty amazing example of the company’s confidence in the supplements they create. For example, if you buy Arthrisoothe-gold Joint supplement, which has been clinically tested to increase mobility, and you don’t see any improvement in your aging, lame Labrador, you can ask for your purchase price to be refunded! There’s nothing to stop you from trying a natural supplement either instead of or in addition to the pain medication(s) your veterinarian has suggested, because the supplement can address  the underlying inflammation that causes that pain.

NaturVet Product ImageNATURVET has many innovative supplements that address the full spectrum of pet health.  Quiet Moments Calming Aid with Melatonin can help reduce your pets stress during thunderstorms, fireworks, traveling and separation anxiety. NaturVet’s GrassSaver prevents yellow spots on your lawn caused by dog urine. Other innovative supplements include the ones nobody wants to talk about: a supplement to stop stool eating/coprophagia if your pup eats poop — or Outta My Box if your dog has a taste for what’s in the cat’s litter box (and yes, they do want to kiss you after that!)

Have a look at the supplements NaturVet makes and choose one(s) that might address some of your own pets’ issues. I can tell you my sister is going to take advantage of this offer and get the “Coprophagia Stool Eating Deterrent Soft Chews,” because her little Brussels Griffon likes to bring her own (luckily very small) poops up into the bedroom as a prize! Visit www.naturvet.com/radiopetlady for some exclusive coupons for my audience!

—Tracie Hotchner

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