The Building Block of Pet Wellness: Omega-3 Fish Oil 

Dog fetching stick from water (photopin)

As I wrote in The Dog Bible, scientific studies show that a full daily dose of omega 3’s reduces inflammation in all cells of the body, especially the joints. This is important to reduce arthritis as pets get older but is basically essential for overall health because inflammation is part of all medical conditions, including cancer. Fish oil in your dog’s diet every day Is important for general wellness (do it for yourself and your two-legged kids, too!)

I am proud to have a top-notch fish oil company as a sponsor of my advocacy for pet wellness:  Iceland Pure omega-3 fish oils for pets come from some of the world’s cleanest rivers and oceans in Iceland and Norway. Iceland Pure’s human-grade salmon, sardine and anchovy oils are odor-free and bottled in their distinctive green aluminum pump bottle to keep the oil fresh. Where fish oil comes from and whether it is responsibly sourced and handled, makes all the difference. This company has one owner, Guillermo, who is personally dedicated to producing the highest quality fish oils at affordable prices.

You can purchase Iceland Pure through e-commerce, but I recommend buying it directly from the company. Especially at difficult times like these — when small businesses are under pressure simply to survive — you can make a difference by supporting a small, independent company.

These 3 specialized fish oils are not available on Amazon or Chewy — you can only get them buying directly from Iceland Pure’s website  (get a 10% discount using the code RADIO10).

Premier Omega for Large breeds  3,000+mg of Omega 3’s per teaspoon. Studies show it may be better absorbed because of how it is distilled. Ideal for dogs 60 lbs or larger.

Shark Liver Oil comes from a non-endangered species. Known for its healing properties, research is showing this fish oil can be a powerful tool in fighting cancer

Next Level Premier CBD  fish oil is a unique combination of omega 3 fish oil + shark liver oi) + 1,000mg of CBD.

Get 10% off buying direct: put RADIO10 in the code box.

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