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Vectra 3D — The New Tick/Flea Topical Treatment by Vectra:

Tracie uses Vectra 3D, the newest tick/flea topical, for her own dogs.

Vectra 3DTracie has seen the research that shows Vectra and Vectra 3D are safer and more effective than the older products that have been on the market for years – many of which have now lost their effectiveness against parasites.  Tracie's youngest Weimaraner, Teddy, had developed a bad skin reaction to the older spot-ons, but Vectra has given him no issues: Teddy has been happily treated with Vectra 3D every month for years, without incident. More importantly, even running in fields and the woods he has had no sign of the disease-bearing ticks that Vectra repels - or kills upon contact with his skin, before ever having a chance to bite him and transmit diseases.

Vectra® Products

Tracie feels all dogs should get the safety that hers do with Vectra 3D.  The patented applicator allows the product to disperse and dry quickly on a dog's skin, creating a shield that keeps away more than ticks and fleas — it also eliminates mosquitoes, sand flies, lice and mites for an entire month. The Vectra products are only available from practicing veterinarians for assurance that a dog is healthy before applying it, and to make sure you are getting the genuine product and not the knock-offs that now circulate on the Internet for the older topical parasite products. Tracie's own veterinarian was hesitant to order a new product, but once she tried Vectra 3D on her own dogs she was so impressed she ordered it for clients in the clinic. Each pet owner needs to ask their vet to order Vectra 3D — If your vet is reluctant to try something new, please write Tracie at and she'll ask the folks at Vectra to contact your veterinarian directly.

VECTRA for cats (and dogs where there are no ticks) is a safe & effective anti-flea treatment you put on your kitty's skin every month to repel and kill fleas with the newest technology. Vectra does not enter the cat's bloodstream, but acts as a shield that repels fleas and kills all 3 life cycles of the parasite on cats.  It has been proven safe for them and for the people in their family, too. Vectra products are only available from licensed veterinarians, or you can buy them at any Banfield Clinic (which are inside Petsmart stores). Vectra makes the same product branded for Banfield, where Vectra is called First Shield.


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