Mix It Up: Canned and Dry Cat Food Together

Mix It Up: Canned and Dry Cat Food Together I received an email from Susan, a listener to my radio show CAT CHAT® who asked the following question: I’ve read over and over (and I see on your site you feel the same) that wet food is far superior to dry food and that dry […]

Feeding Your Dog a Whole Chicken, Bones and All?

Pet Food Advisors (12-12-2016) #7049: Can you feed your dog a whole chicken, bones and all? Dr. Greg Martinez talks about the ease of putting a small fryer in a crock-pot with some vegetables and 18 hours later crumbling up the bones and giving your dog a healthy feast. Home cooking is a big part […]

Dealing with Crystals in Cat Urine

Cat Chat (08-10-2015) #1041: Dr. Elizabeth answers questions about how to handle crystals in a cat’s urine, addresses Susan’s concern about the high cost of feeding canned food to three cats, and comments on Patricia, who doesn’t want her cat to wake her up in the middle of the night — but doesn’t realize she […]

The #1 Way to Undo the Good of Feeding Canned Cat Food

The #1 Way to Undo the Good of Feeding Canned Cat Food Have you been following my advice to feed only the highest quality canned food to your cats? Have you chosen a food high in good quality protein and low in carbohydrates? Good for you! But wait! Have you been “cheating” on your cat […]

Good Dogs! #6020 (6-16-2014)

Good Dogs! (6-16-2014) #6020: Scott Freeman explains why the varieties of food made by NATURE’S LOGIC — kibble, canned and raw frozen — are radically different from other pet foods because they are made without any chemical vitamins and minerals, with all balanced nutrition coming from whole foods; Marcy of Avidog explains how to avoid […]

Emma’s Passion Project: Cat Behavior

I got this charming email recently: My name is Emma and I am in 6th grade. I am doing a Passion Project, and cats are my passion. I need to ask an expert some questions on cat behavior. I hope you have time to answer my questions. My cat is Angel and she is 17! […]

The Expert Vet #5020 (1-08-2014)

The Expert Vet (1-08-2014) #5020: Dr. Donna answers a question from Marilyn in Kentucky about her demanding kitty and recommends “meal-feeding—not free-feeding—canned food, and how to “out stubborn” a cat hooked on “kitty crack.” MP3 Audio [12 MB]DownloadShow URL