Detecting Kidney Disease Early

The Expert Vet (09-24-2018) #7058: Dr. Donna talks about a ground-breaking new test to identify early kidney disease in cats, the SDMA marker. MP3 Audio [8 MB]DownloadShow URL

Music Specially for Kitty Cats

Music Specially for Kitty Cats A few years ago, scientists from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, and the University of Maryland, wanted to study whether cats could respond to music. And so they created some music especially for feline sensibilities, as described in this article outlining the whole study.  It describes how Charles Snowdon […]

CATS RULE! Announcing Launch of NY Cat Film Festival!

CATS RULE! Announcing the launch of the NY CAT FILM FESTIVAL! The day has finally come when all you patient, pleasantly persistent feline advocates, who have been asking “But what about the kitties up on the big screen?” are going to get your very own NY Cat Film Festival! This new festival embraces films that […]

Make an Anti-Cancer Diet for Your Pet

Holistic Vets (11-14-2016) #3061: Want to create a special anti-cancer diet for your own pet? Dr Judy Morgan describes the individualized anti-cancer diet she created for her own dog and the strange coincidence that giving her dog a pineapple snack led to early discovery of a rare intestinal wall cancer — small cell lymphoma usually […]

Can You Love Both Cats and Birds!?

Can You Love Both Cats and Birds!? There’s a quiet little war going on between the cats allowed outdoors and the birds and their nests which the cats disturb or destroy. There’s also a philosophical (and sometimes actual) battle going on between bird-lovers who want no domestic cats to be allowed outdoors and cat owners […]

Paws for Applause in Los Angeles

In preparing to take the Dog Film Festival to Los Angeles June 4th & 5th, I heard about EatSeeHear — which is an outdoor, summer-long, pet-friendly event series, with food trucks, movies and live music. I wish there was a series like this in Vermont where I now live! The events run on Saturdays from […]

Cat Chat #1029 (5-05-2014)

Cat Chat® (5-05-2014) #1029: Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins explains feline heartworm disease — its deadly, and there is no cure! If you live in a state like Alabama or one with a similar climate, you had better take note. For more information about this deadly but preventable disease, go to MP3 Audio [14 MB]DownloadShow URL

Cat Chat #1026 (1-27-2014)

Cat Chat® (1-27-2014) #1026: Internationally recognized air quality expert Bill Converse talks about his invention of the (little but mighty) Critterzone Air Naturalizer for cats and their people. MP3 Audio [14 MB]DownloadShow URL

Pet Food Advisors #7021 (12/24/2013)

Pet Food Advisors (12/24/2013) #7021: The 2nd vitamin show — on why dogs and cats don’t need vitamin C supplements and we do and other mysteries of inter-species vitamin needs. MP3 Audio [10 MB]DownloadShow URL

Cat Chat #1012 (11-11-2013)

Cat Crazy™ (11-11-2013) #1012: Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins and Tracie discuss why pussycats are considered second class citizens in our society. MP3 Audio [13 MB]DownloadShow URL