A New Year’s Resolution: Shed Your Cat’s Excess Baggage

A New Year’s Resolution: Shed Your Cat’s Excess Baggage [The first in a series of blogs about how to safely and successfully get your cat to lose weight] Many people don’t even realize their cat is fat, because we’ve all become accustomed to seeing overweight cats with hanging bellies, brick-shaped bodies, and a skeleton so […]

Myth #2 Fat Cats are Happy Cats

Myth #2 Fat Cats are Happy Cats When you hear the words “fat cat” you smile, right? You think fat cats look happy or funny — you see social media pictures of enormous cats and get a kick out of it. You hear the saying about a person that “he’s a fat cat,” as though […]

Forever Curious Shares Service Dog Information

Forever Curious Shares Service Dog Information An interesting non-profit, Forever Curious.org, reached out to me after hearing some of the radio shows I’ve done about various types of service dogs, in particular service dog organizations that provide dogs for children with autism, diabetes and other special needs. Forever Curious is an unusual non-profit, a self-proclaimed […]

Mix It Up: Canned and Dry Cat Food Together

Mix It Up: Canned and Dry Cat Food Together I received an email from Susan, a listener to my radio show CAT CHAT® who asked the following question: I’ve read over and over (and I see on your site you feel the same) that wet food is far superior to dry food and that dry […]

Kindness on Last Hope Highway

Dog Talk (and Kitties Too!) (11-21-2015) #448: Peter Zheutlin’s book RESCUE ROAD: ONE MAN, THIRTY THOUSAND DOGS AND A MILLION MILES ON THE LAST HOPE HIGHWAY is the author’s personal experience riding along with transports from the South and witnessing “repetitive acts of kindness along the ‘Last Hope Highway’; dog trainer Tony Cruse speaks from […]

Your Cat is Likely Overweight

The Expert Vet (10-12-2015) #5044: Is your cat fat? Very likely! Dr. Donna says that 88% of owners of overweight cats do not think their fat cats are fat! 8 to 10 lbs. is the ideal weight for a cat — which describes so few cats and improper feeding is the cause! Cats are obligate […]

Cat Health Monitor Litter

Cat Chat (07-13-2015) #1045: Dr Elsey talks about the new Precious Cat Health Monitor litter he created that helps you catch kidney disease, diabetes and hyperthyroidism before they can cause permanent damage and premature death; Clea Simon discusses her feline mystery Kittens Can Kill. MP3 Audio [20 MB]DownloadShow URL

Does Your Dog have Diabetes? How to Manage it with a Healthy Diet

Diabetes In Dogs: Why They Get It, How To Manage It Diabetes in dogs is a fairly common occurrence but it is a very different disease than what occurs in cats. I turned for assistance in understanding canine diabetes to my co-host on THE EXPERT VET on the Radio Pet Lady Network — Dr Donna Spector […]

Diabetes In Dogs: Why They Get It, How To Manage It

I have been getting quite a few questions about diabetes in dogs, even though it is a fairly rare dog disease (not like cats, where type 2 diabetes is at epidemic levels and closely linked to the equal epidemic of feeding dry food to cats, an unnatural ingredient for the obligate carnivore). But for dogs, […]

The Expert Vet #5019 (12-25-2013)

The Expert Vet (12-25-2013) #5019: Dr Donna answers listeners questions: about “tight regulation” diabetes testing in kitties and a persistent ear infection in a cat who probably does not need “allergy food” but needs more testing (including Spot Platinum) to find out what is really at the bottom of the problem. MP3 Audio [13 MB]DownloadShow […]