Apparently, August is Itchy Dog Month

Apparently, August is Itchy Dog Month I’ve heard of National Dog Day in August but I only recently discovered that all of August has been dubbed “the itchiest month.” This happened to be when my skin-sensitive Wanda the Weimaraner has reacted yet again to the grasses in the fields where I take her and Maisie […]

Dealing with Seasonal Allergies

Holistic Vets (08-24-2015) #3047: Dr Judy talks about seasonal allergies — how to prevent and deal with them. She loves the SPOT Platinum allergy testing and oral serum (like Tracie’s previously-itchy dog, Maisie, takes every day to stop her itching). Dr. Judy suggests clipping “poodle feet” on all dogs with hairy paws — shaving all […]

Cat Chat #1033 (01-05-2015)

Cat Chat (01-05-2015) #1033: Dr. Elizabeth and Tracie talk to Gretchen in Daly City, California, whose Queenie is itching like mad.  Is it atopy? Fleas? Dr. Elizabeth talks about how VECTRA works to keep pets safe from fleas and ticks because it repels them before they can ever bite. MP3 Audio [18 MB]DownloadShow URL

Hallelujah! A miracle supplement that stops shedding!

Hallelujah! A miracle supplement that stops shedding! When I invited Vivamune supplements to join the Radio Pet Lady Network as a sponsor, I knew there was good science and ingredients behind this daily supplement that boosts and protects a dog’s (or cat’s) immune system. However, at first, I was not giving it to my own […]

The Expert Vet #5013 (11-13-2013)

The Expert Vet (11-13-2013) #5013: Itching? Licking? Scratching? New season, new allergies. It’s not just a “spring thing” anymore. MP3 Audio [14 MB]DownloadShow URL