Film Festivals Coming to Berkshires—and I’m Coming, Too!

The Film Festivals are Coming to the Berkshires – and I’m Coming, Too! I’m pretty darned happy that my local independent art house movie theater, Images Cinema in Williamstown, Massachusetts, is going to be hosting my NY Cat Film Festival this coming Saturday May 4th at 1 PM (with 2 different programs), and then on […]

Why Every Pet Owner Needs Pet Insurance

Cat Chat (04-17-2017) #1065: All about pet insurance — Tracie fills in the what/why/how of why every pet owner really needs insurance coverage in a conversation with Ann from Natick, Massachusetts, who used to listen to CAT CHAT on Sirius/XM and remembers Tracie often giving this advice. MP3 Audio [16 MB]DownloadShow URL

Recognize/Avoid Spreading Dog Flu

Dog Talk (06-13-2015) #425: Are you in one of the 13 States into which the new deadly canine has now spread? Dr. Jose Arce of the AVMA talks about how to avoid and recognize the disease (with the help of the new IDEXX quick test for it in your vet’s office) which has been seen […]

Ralphie, the Guinea Pig Therapy Pet

Exotic Pets (03-23-2015) #207: Nikki talks about her rare therapy pet Ralphie, an Abyssinian guinea pig with a natural Mohawk “hairdo”, who regularly does therapy visits at an adult forensic psychiatric facility — the Solomon Carter Fuller Psychiatric Center — where patients have been remanded by the courts of Massachusetts because they have psychiatric diagnoses […]

Dog Talk #356 (1/18/2014)

Dog Talk (1/18/2014) #356: What was the recent story with the blind man who fell onto subway tracks and then got donations of $40,000 because he said he had to give away his guide dog? DOG TALK® listener Gil (who has been on the show before discussing his own guide dogs Evie and Satch), tries […]