The Building Block of Pet Wellness: Omega-3 Fish Oil 

As I wrote in The Dog Bible, scientific studies show that a full daily dose of omega 3’s reduces inflammation in all cells of the body, especially the joints. This is important to reduce arthritis as pets get older but is basically essential for overall health because inflammation is part of all medical conditions, including […]

Adventures with Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund

Dog Talk (And Kitties Too!) (12-15-2018) #601: Featuring Ryan Beauchesne, Dr. Sue The Pet Cancer Vet, and Jack Gilbert. Ryan Beauchesne’s book CRUSOE THE WORLDLY WEINER DOG: FURTHER ADVENTURES WITH THE CELEBRITY DACHSHUND shows off his famous Doxie in every imaginable pose and outfit; Dr. Sue, the Pet Cancer Vet, talks about her recent lectures […]

A Kitty Refugee with a Lesson for All of Us

A Kitty Refugee with a Lesson for All of Us With all the desperately sad stories we read about the plight of refugees fleeing war and persecution — and the photos of those who perish trying to get to a better life — here is a heartwarming tale of a happy ending for a lost […]