Mix It Up: Canned and Dry Cat Food Together

Mix It Up: Canned and Dry Cat Food Together I received an email from Susan, a listener to my radio show CAT CHAT® who asked the following question: I’ve read over and over (and I see on your site you feel the same) that wet food is far superior to dry food and that dry […]

Dr. Elsey’s Healthy Dry Food For Cats

Cat Chat (02-27-2017) #1063: Dr. Elsey, the innovative owner of Precious Cat litter and a feline-only veterinarian, decided he had to create a proper dry food for cats to go along with his (and Tracie’s!) philosophy to “Feed food to cats that’s like their natural diet: a bird or a mouse!” Dr. Elsey worries that […]

Your Cat is Likely Overweight

The Expert Vet (10-12-2015) #5044: Is your cat fat? Very likely! Dr. Donna says that 88% of owners of overweight cats do not think their fat cats are fat! 8 to 10 lbs. is the ideal weight for a cat — which describes so few cats and improper feeding is the cause! Cats are obligate […]

Kitten Care: How To Feed Your Kitten Correctly

New kitten parents can be confused about what to feed their little kitty cat. The first thing to know about kitten care is that there is no need to look for “kitten food” because young kittens can eat the same food as adults — just more of it, and more often. You cannot feed a […]

Halo Made My “Impossible” Dream Come True!

My dream has always been to find canned cat foods that had no more than 10% of calories from carbohydrates in it. That was a dream I shared with all health-conscious cat lovers, who recognize that the cat is an obligate carnivore and should eat a meat diet — ideally one with only about 10% […]