“Crazy Cat Guy” Switched to Weruva

Jim is one of my CAT CHAT listeners in San Diego and a self-described “crazy cat guy”! He’s so sweet to have recently tweeted @touchedbyanurse: “Thank you! You’ve changed our lives again. My kitties are happily eating Weruva poultry and Jack is cured of his urinary issues. He’s back to being an 8-year-old 20 lb. […]

How to Make Raw Meals for Your Cat

Cat Chat (11-30-2015) #1046: Want to feed raw to your kitties? Robin calls in from Connecticut to ask for Dr Elizabeth’s formula for making raw meals for her cats. Dr Elizabeth uses half ground bone-in chicken and half meat only — then adds Platinum Performance Feline Wellness, which she has used for decades and requires […]

Why is Menadione in Weruva?

Why is Menadione in Weruva? This question came from Emi in Kent, Washington: Hi! I just recently discovered you and your website when I was doing some online research on Weruva. I recently adopted a 10yr old cat from my local shelter. From the paperwork submitted from his previous owner, he was fed a dry […]

Mimi Discovers Best Feline Friend From Weruva

Mimi Discovers Best Feline Friend From Weruva Mimi wrote to say she had read THE CAT BIBLE (and given a few copies as gifts to friends) and was following my advice to get her kitties off all dry food since any “kitty crack” is bad for the health of all cats. She discovered BFF from […]

Is Wet Cat Food Really So Much Better Than Dry?

Is Wet Cat Food Really So Much Better Than Dry? I got this letter from Carol, a listener to my show CAT CHAT® that really made an impression on me because it was so honest about her long-held skepticism about my urgent recommendation to everyone that they feed canned food to their kitties. “I have […]

Maisie’s Adventure with The Honest Kitchen

Maisie’s Adventure with The Honest Kitchen Here’s a personal tale to make the point that even dogs with the “trickiest tummies” can eat The Honest Kitchen’s healthy foods if you give them the digestive support they need to eat the pet food that’s good enough for people to eat — “Made with Passion and Principles.” […]

“Investigating” Weruva’s Pet Food Plant

I received this from a listener I was able to help emotionally after a tragic accident in which her little kitten Emma got stuck inside a litter pail and died. Then I heard from her with concerns about the manufacture of Weruva cat food. I am blogging this so that it can educate all of […]

Any Doubts About Weruva’s Food Made in Thailand?

Hi there – I just love your show and yes I do own both the Cat and Dog “Bibles.” I read them quite often for advice unlike some books where the info is so limited you never refer to it again. I had no problem switching the cats from ugly carbs to wet food and […]

Is “Too Skinny” bad for Cat Health?

Hi Tracie! I think your advice is invaluable and have fed my cat only wet, grain-free food since I brought her home from the shelter. She is a wonderful 2 y.o. and weighs about 10 lbs. I feed her Soulistic with a few Greenies here and there, but I am worried she’s not eating enough. […]

Dog Talk #330 Tracie Hotchner (07-19-2013)

Dog Talk Show #330: Shawnee from Nordic Naturals tells of her shared love for donkeys with Tracie (who has two mini-donkeys, mother and daughter Mona and Lisa) and explains how going to the Rescue Pet photo contest on the Nordic Naturals Facebook page gives $1 for every vote to PAWS for Veterans, a non-profit group […]