Are Cats More Sophisticated Gourmets Than Dogs?

Are Cats More Sophisticated Gourmets Than Dogs? I read many interesting articles in the New York Times pertaining to dogs and cats, and I was especially curious about this article, which considered which of the two species has a more highly attuned sense of taste and smell. The big question posed in the article is […]

Does Your Dog Need a Gluten-Free Diet? (Do You?)

Does Your Dog Need a Gluten-Free Diet? (Do You?) Issues with human nutrition and digestion are not parallel to the dog’s digestive system or immune system, yet people seem to want to apply beliefs or facts about human diet trends (which are often fads!) to their pets. For example, the current attention being given to […]

Biggie’s Struggle to Lose Weight

Cat Chat (09-21-2015) #1043: Dr. Nichole Agarwal took in Biggie the cat, who at 37 lbs became a social media star with other cat owners struggling to take pounds off their own cats. Dr. Nichole and Tracie agree that “kitty crack” was to blame for Biggie’s horrible condition, although his prior owner did not know […]

Diabetes in Cats Man-Made Problem

The Expert Vet (09-14-2015) #5043: Diabetes in cats are a man-made problem. Cats have gone from the barnyard to the backyard to the bedroom — and they have gone from eating mice to eating “kitty crack,” as Tracie calls all dry cat food. Some cats are naturally at risk for diabetes — Russian Blue, Siamese […]

Cats are Eating Cindy out of House and Home

Cats are Eating Cindy out of House and Home I got this email from Cindy, who is a Cat Chat® listener, and has taken to heart my advice to feed cats wet food only, because they are obligate carnivores whose bodies don’t need or do well with carbohydrates. She wrote: “Thanks to you, over the […]

Cat Chat #1032 (9-29-2014)

Cat Chat (9-29-2014) #1032: Barbie calls in to discuss her kitty’s UTI and bladder stones and Dr. Elizabeth sets her straight about how the correct feeding of wet food plays a vital role in health issues for kitties. MP3 Audio [17 MB]DownloadShow URL

Is “Too Skinny” bad for Cat Health?

Hi Tracie! I think your advice is invaluable and have fed my cat only wet, grain-free food since I brought her home from the shelter. She is a wonderful 2 y.o. and weighs about 10 lbs. I feed her Soulistic with a few Greenies here and there, but I am worried she’s not eating enough. […]

Cat Chat #1021 (1-06-2014)

Cat Chat® (1-06-2014) #1021: Dr. Elizabeth helps Cindy in West Los Angeles deal with ever-hungry Simba, who has found his own Inner Catness since becoming a wet-food-only kitty. MP3 Audio [12 MB]DownloadShow URL

Cats Are Not Little Dogs

It’s important when making decisions about how to feed your kitty to realize that there is not much physiologically that cats and dogs have in common — except maybe a very keen sense of smell! One of the main ways in which cats are different than dogs is in their digestive systems. Cats are obligate […]

She Switched Her Kitty to Wet Food

Leah is a first-time cat Mom who has been listening to CAT CRAZY and all the shows on the Radio Pet Lady Network every week from the very fir st show!  She listens to the podcasts as it suits her schedule better, but one of the first things she did with her new kitty Callie […]