False Confidence about Microchipping a Pet – Some Scary Truths

In an article published January 1 in The New York Times, the columnist pointed out that by law city shelters and pet stores are required to microchip animals before selling them or releasing them for adoption. The author mentioned that the chip should be registered, but the “rest of that story” is where the slippery […]

Traveling in Europe with Your Dog (InfoGraphic)

5 Tips to Help Fido Survive the Holidays

Trainer Brian Bailey wrote a fascinating, provocative new book Embracing the Wild in Your Dog. I interviewed him about his ideas about the wolf ancestry of our dogs on DOG TALK™ and also on HUMANE TALK.  I hope you’ll take the time to listen to both conversations – in the meantime, take advantage of his good practical […]

Rescue Dogs in Dog-Friendly Alexandria Virginia

Rescue Dogs in Dog-Friendly Alexandria Virginia I have always wondered what a dog-friendly hotel would really be like — whether the dog rooms would be like being sent “to the dog house” (kind of shabby) and whether the dogs would only be allowed in some less-than-lovely parts of the hotel and be relegated to the […]

No Vaccinations. What are Dog Travel Requirements?

Hi Tracie, Thank you for being such an advocate for the four legged loves of our lives. I was listening to your informative program regarding avoiding re-vaccinations for dogs. I have a one year old Shih Tzu and am concerned about her being over-vaccinated. We also take her on airplanes with us and have to […]