The New “Cat Chat” Help Line

The New “Cat Chat” Help Line I miss the old CAT CHAT Sirius radio days days when I was live on on the Martha Stewart channel every Wednesday evening and could help cat lovers solve their kitty behavior problems. I miss you devoted feline families across the country! (I do have a CAT CHAT podcast […]

Marlene’s Vet is All Wrong to Refuse to Get Vectra for Her Cat

Marlene’s Vet is All Wrong to Refuse to Get Vectra for Her Cat Marlene in Florida is a listener who adores her two kitties and worries about their health, what to feed them and fusses over them with a bushel basket of love. On my advice, Marlene asked her vet about ordering Vectra for cats, […]

Emma’s Passion Project: Cat Behavior

I got this charming email recently: My name is Emma and I am in 6th grade. I am doing a Passion Project, and cats are my passion. I need to ask an expert some questions on cat behavior. I hope you have time to answer my questions. My cat is Angel and she is 17! […]

Listeners Send Photos of Their Cats and Dogs

Barbie in Southampton New York wants to know why her cat rolls in the dirt like an elephant. Deb’s new kittens in Allentown, New Jersey! These are my nieces — my sister and brother-in-law’s little Brussels Griffons, Lulu and Sprout – having “another tough Sunday at home.”

Sampling of Tips from Amy Shojai of Cat Crazy

PETS & POISON! National Poison Prevention Week runs March 17-23, and is a wonderful time to learn how to protect pets from household dangers. Most cases of pet poisoning are accidental, and preventing accidents and knowing first aid saves pet lives. Dogs are particularly prone to poisoning because like human infants, they put everything in […]