We Rate Dogs—the Best “Inside Joke” in Dogdom

We Rate Dogs—the Best “Inside Joke” in Dogdom I’m a pretty big Luddite when it comes to Twitter and Instagram, which means I miss out on a LOT of really fun, exciting, moving content relating to dogs and cats. I had always figured I was already so overwhelmed receiving weighty content about pets (books, studies, […]

Playing Outside the Box

Do you keep trying to find the perfect toy for your dogs to play with and they either ignore what you’ve purchased, or they immediately tear it to shreds? Here’s an alternative way to let your dogs have fun without costing you a penny—and maybe even helping you recycle in the process! You know how […]

False Confidence about Microchipping a Pet – Some Scary Truths

In an article published January 1 in The New York Times, the columnist pointed out that by law city shelters and pet stores are required to microchip animals before selling them or releasing them for adoption. The author mentioned that the chip should be registered, but the “rest of that story” is where the slippery […]

What to Call Your New Dog? What Name Can You Give Love?

On this week’s Dog Talk I interviewed Kim Dower, a wonderful California poet who read aloud many of her dog-themed poems. I was struck by one in particular, that will be appearing for the first time in her upcoming third book of poetry, Last Train to the Missing Planet. She gave me permission to reprint […]

Your Dog’s Senses

SIGHT A dog is ten times more sensitive to peripheral movement than we are. He picks up movement on either side of him better than we ever could, in part because most dogs’ eyes are closer to the sides of their heads than ours are. A dog’s vision is poor up close, but he can […]