Summer Adventure Travel & Do Good for Pets

Summer Adventure Travel & Do Good for Pets It seems everyone has a serious case of “cabin fever” after up to two years of not being able or feeling comfortable traveling. Now the mood has changed to people wanting to go somewhere, but maybe now the desire to have a trip needs to mean more […]

Do Something “Cool” for the Dogs in the Sun in San Antonio

Mark your calendar for Tuesday May 3rd when we’ll all have a chance to help out the doggies waiting for their Forever Homes in San Antonio at the Animal Defense League. The dogs need some shade while enjoying the fresh air. It’s a fine feeling to know that my $10 will actually make a big difference […]

Pack of Gold

Pack of Gold A puppy goes from wired to winsome—and finds her forever family. I would like to share a happy rescue story from my friend and colleague Jennifer Erdman, who co-founded Ewegurt, the company that makes healthy dog treats from sheep’s milk, which has natural relaxant properties that reduce anxiety. Good news for stressed-out […]

Penelope the Goat Has Won My Heart

I am really a dog and cat person, right? I wrote The Dog Bible: Everything Your Dog Wants You to Know, and The Cat Bible: Everything Your Cat Expects You to Know. And while I had two pet sheep as a child (Eloise and Baa-Baa, who had a black face), I never had any plans […]

Adopted Pets Teach Us Patience (“Love Don’t Come Easy” for some)

Adopted Pets Teach Us Patience (“Love Don’t Come Easy” for some) Sometimes you hear the story of someone who adopted from a shelter and discovered the dog or cat was really timid and shy. They might have expressed disappointment, or even made the fatalistic judgment “this animal must have been terribly abused and will never […]

Senior Dog’s Reason to Give Thanks

One Senior Springer Spaniel has Reason to Give Hearty Thanks This Thanksgiving Imagine what it feels like to be a 6-year-old doggy past the prime of life, whose owner got old, too, and couldn’t take care of you anymore? Think how lucky you would be if you were a breed of dog that happened to […]

Beijing’s Animal Markets and “Week Long Dogs”

Mary Peng is a visionary in China, working to open hearts and minds to the wonders of pet ownership. I am proud to have her as my co-host on our new Radio Pet Lady Network show Tails From China and to share this article. The end of summer in Beijing is traditionally associated with a […]

Take the Plunge! Add a Cat to Your Life!

June is the National Adopt a Cat Month, an idea created by the American Humane Association to encourage people to make room in their hearts and homes for one (or more?!) cat(s), from the millions of them who are waiting for their Forever Homes in shelters across the country. Research has shown that all cats […]

Rescue Dogs in Dog-Friendly Alexandria Virginia

Rescue Dogs in Dog-Friendly Alexandria Virginia I have always wondered what a dog-friendly hotel would really be like — whether the dog rooms would be like being sent “to the dog house” (kind of shabby) and whether the dogs would only be allowed in some less-than-lovely parts of the hotel and be relegated to the […]

The Pilgrimage For Puppy Pick-Up

As you read this, I am on my way from Vermont to Virginia, driving 10 hours to Virginia Beach, where an 8-month-old Blue (dark gray) Weimaraner pooch named Maisie is waiting for me. It’s thrilling, unexpected, and bittersweet — until the moment I hold her in my arms and then it will be All Good. […]