Halo Officially Recommended for Dogs with Cancer

Halo Officially Recommended for Dogs with Cancer I think pet lovers know that I have spent a crazy amount of time for more than a decade, studying and following information and news about pet nutrition. I feel pretty confident that I have an unbiased, objective, thoughtful perspective on the various arguments and debates about pet […]

Chubby Dog? Pudgy Pooch? Take The Halo Healthy Weight Challenge

Dr. Donna Spector (who is also the star of my Radio Pet Lady Network show The Expert Vet) helped formulate the Take it Off Teddy! diet for me, using a prescription dog food. She calculated the calories my dog Teddy needed to eat in order to start burning up his fat, which made it possible […]

Be Thankful for HALO and What Makes it Different

  On a day that we devote to eating with and celebrating Family, it’s a good time to give thanks that with Halo pet foods, we can feed our four-legged family members with the same loving attention we give to our human family’s meal. But we need to be mindful that Halo has become something […]

A Spot’s Stew Thanksgiving with the Best Ingredients

As another Thanksgiving rolls around, I always think of wonderful experience I had when I was the PETCO spokesperson in 2010 for their natural foods section. They flew me down to San Diego and I had a chance to prepare my very own version of Halo Spot’s Stew for the cameras, encouraging dog and owners […]

Halo’s Liv-a-Littles: Best Cat Treats Versus All Others!

What if you had all the premium cat treats in the world to choose from? And you wanted to choose just one to make part of a very special grouping of cat products to highlight as The Best of the Best? That’s what they wanted to do at Pet360 to pre-select some of their finest […]

Who Says Baked Is Better?

A few weeks ago I wrote about “all kibble not being created equal” and received a friendly request for more information from Michelle, who wanted to know whether Halo was extruded because a friend of hers had said that “baked kibble was better.” I was glad to get the question because years ago when I […]

Happy Dance for New Grain Free Keep-You-Slim Spot’s Stew!

You know how cranky and frustrated you feel when you’re on a diet? And all you dream about is what you’ll eat when you reach your target weight? But you also realize that after all that hard work and sacrifice, you’re kind of afraid to dream of delicious food because there’s nothing worse than backsliding […]

She Switched Her Kitty to Wet Food

Leah is a first-time cat Mom who has been listening to CAT CRAZY and all the shows on the Radio Pet Lady Network every week from the very fir st show!  She listens to the podcasts as it suits her schedule better, but one of the first things she did with her new kitty Callie […]

Angela’s Little Angels Looking For Small Breed Food

Angela from Ukiah California wrote to me recently, asking my advice about what I would recommend as a higher quality kibble for her little Yorkshire Terriers. I jumped at the chance to tell her about Halo’s new small breed food, which is formulated to fit into tiny little mouths, and also meet the special nutritional […]