The “Hidden” SEARCH BAR on

The “Hidden” SEARCH BAR on Does everybody know there’s a search bar on every show on my RadioPetLady website that allows you to pull up every show with the word(s) that interest you  in the description? I had a nice email from Declan in Ireland: Hi. Love the show.I’ve been looking through the archives […]

Halo Blog: Radio Pet Lady Network Sets Up Shop In Halo Pop Up Shop!

Listen to YOUR DOG’S BEST FRIEND tonight (May 30) because we are going to be broadcasting in simulcast into the brand new Halo City Tails NYC Pop-Up shop in Manhattan! It will be almost as good as being there yourself! Halo is such a cool company! They are bringing their philosophy about pet adoption and […]

Former Cat Chat Listen Finds Radio Pet Lady Network

Here’s an email from a lady truck driver who used to listen to CAT CHAT when it was on SiriusXM satellite radio: I have been away from the road and my truck for a while, and since I’m back  I’m in shock that CAT CHAT is no longer on SiriusXM and I cannot find Dr. […]