Authors on Animals™

Authors talk with Tracie about their books, which focus on creatures who share the planet with us. Some of the books are newly released, others are old favorites; some books are fiction and works of the imagination, others are non-fiction and the culmination of years of research spent studying the species of choice, whether animals of the land, sea or sky.

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Painted Cats in Cats Galore

July 31, 2017

Authors On Animals (07-31-2017) #130: Susan Herbert talks about her sister, Janet Froud, the artist and author of CATS GALORE: A COMPENDIUM OF CULTURED CATS, extraordinary painted renditions of cats in classical poses captured between the covers of this book. MP3 Audio [8 MB]DownloadShow URL

Beautiful Poems About Dogs

April 10, 2017

AUTHORS ON ANIMALS (04-10-2017) #129: Poet Kim Dower reads some of her delicious poems about dogs, including “Why People Really Have Dogs” from her Red Hen Press collection SLICE OF MOON as well as from her poetry collection AIR KISSING ON MARS. MP3 Audio [10 MB]DownloadShow URL

How to Make Lives of Animals Better

November 16, 2016

Authors On Animals (11-14-2016) #128 Tracey Stewart talks about her first book DO UNTO ANIMALS: A FRIENDLY GUIDE TO HOW ANIMALS LIVE AND HOW WE CAN MAKE THEIR LIVES BETTER, hoping to raise awareness of the value of all creatures’ lives.

Many Faces of Veterans and Their Dogs

June 7, 2016

Authors On Animals (06-06-2016) #127: Cathy Scott’s book UNCONDITIONAL HONOR: WOUNDED WARRIORS AND THEIR DOGS shows the many faces of veterans and the dogs they depend upon back in civilian life. MP3 Audio [10 MB]DownloadShow URL

How Man Has Shaped Animals

May 9, 2016

Authors on Animals (05-09-2016) #126: Richard Francis talks about his book DOMESTICATED: EVOLUTION IN A MAN-MADE WORLD which gives the long perspective on how man has shaped the animals around him, including dogs. MP3 Audio [10 MB]DownloadShow URL

Two Authors Finish Deceased Friend’s Thriller

April 11, 2016

Authors On Animals (04-11-2016) #125: Jill Ciment and Amy Hempel are two highly decorated authors, who joined together to write a thriller in honor of their friend who passed away with a partially written novel. Calling their combined authorial self A.J. Rich, they created THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU. MP3 Audio [12 MB]DownloadShow URL

Polar Explorer’s Dog Sled Team

March 14, 2016

Authors on Animals (03-14-2016) #124: Polar explorer John Huston describes the physical challenges of a polar expedition with a small sled dog team through words and pictures in his book FORWARD: The First Unsupported American Expedition to the North Pole. MP3 Audio [10 MB]DownloadShow URL

Author of Hilarious Cat Poems

February 15, 2016

Authors On Animals (02-15-2016) #123: Francesco Marciuliano reads some of his hilarious poems from his books I COULD PEE ON THIS and YOU NEED MORE SLEEP: ADVICE FROM CATS, which give a perspective on how to appreciate the feline point of view. MP3 Audio [8 MB]DownloadShow URL

Depression Relieved by Golden Puppy

December 16, 2015

Authors On Animals (12-14-2015) # 122: Julie Barton’s book DOG MEDICINE: HOW MY DOG SAVED ME FROM MYSELF is a gripping description of her struggle with severe crippling depression, which was turned around by a Golden Retriever puppy named Bunker. MP3 Audio [14 MB]DownloadShow URL

Falling in Love with Dog in Italy

October 12, 2015

Authors On Animals (10-12-2015) #116: Justine Vanderluen’s memoir of looking for romance in Italy and winding up in love with a local dog is the charming subject of Marcus of Umbria: What an Italian Dog Taught an American Girl about Love. MP3 Audio [8 MB]DownloadShow URL