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CatWater (logo)Welcome to the new CAT CHAT, brought to you by Dr. Elsey’s, the wonderful private company owned by Dr. Elsey, whose mission is to formulate litters to help keep cats in loving homes. Tracie wrote THE CAT BIBLE: Everything Your Cats Expect You to Know and with that book and this show, her own mission is to entertain, educate and inspire cat lovers to offer their kitty cats the best possible life in nutrition, affection, and environmental enrichment. With Dr. Elsey’s support, CAT CHAT® brings you interviews with cat authors and experts so you can better understand and appreciate your feline family members. Sit back and enjoy the conversations that we hope will deepen your knowledge and affection for all cats. Thanks for listening!

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Midnight Munchies – Begging for Food?

August 4, 2021

Cat Chat — Brought to You by Dr. Elsey’s (08-04-2021) #0054: Does your kitty bug you in the middle of night- meowing, pawing, jumping on you? Does she want attention? Food? Both? Dr. Mikel Delgado (co-author with Jackson Galaxy of Total Cat Mojo) suggests ways to get a good night’s sleep.   MP3 Audio [17 […]

Emotional Support Cats

July 28, 2021

Cat Chat – Brought to You by Dr. Elsey’s (07-28-2021) #0050: Heather Gibson talks about how she chose Tonkinese cats to breed at her Elevated Cattery because of their sweet affectionate disposition and their suitability as therapy pets. Disclaimer: Heather makes an incorrect statement against vaccinating cats during the conversation. Tracie neglected to correct her […]

Diabetes and Diet — the Doctors had it Wrong

July 19, 2021

Cat Chat – Brought to You by Dr. Elsey\’s (07-21-2021) #0052: Dr. Audrey Cook, Chief of the Internal Medicine Department at the Veterinary College of Texas A&M University, has the rare distinction of being a member of both the U.S. and European Colleges of Internal Medicine, as well as being on the American Board of Feline Practitioners. She talks frankly about nutrition and diabetes in cats, and how wrong the veterinary profession was about the right diet for cats back in the \’90\’s, with some doctors still mistakenly continuing to recommend dry food.  

God’s Little People

July 14, 2021

Cat Chat – Brought to You by Dr. Elsey’s (07-14-2021) #0053: Neil Berkeley talks about his film God’s Little People (which is part of the new Netflix series Cat People) which is a documentary chronicling a couple who created a cat sanctuary on the Greek island Spyros. MP3 Audio [17 MB]DownloadShow URL

Love Kitty Cats? You’ll Love Catster!

July 7, 2021

Cat Chat – Brought to You by Dr. Elsey’s (07-07-2021) #0048: Catster editor in chief Annie Shirreffs talks about the origins of the magazine and online presence from the days when it was Cat Fancy (representing purebred breeders and cat shows) until today, when it became Catster with the mission to support, educate and entertain […]

Scary Shiny Shoes

June 30, 2021

Cat Chat – Brought to You by Dr. Elsey’s (06-30-2021) #0047: Tracie describes a highly unusual situation in which a friend’s cat became horrified and then hyper-vigilant about her new Italian patent leather shoes and stopped sleeping with her at night, guarding the shoes instead! Dr. Mikel comes up with some theories to explain this […]

Cats on the Go

June 23, 2021

Cat Chat – Brought to You by Dr. Elsey’s (06-23-2021) #0046: Dr. Mikel Delgado gives advice on if, when and how to take your cat outdoors. Do cats really want to go on adventures? How can you tell if your cat is a candidate for a harness and leash, a stroller or a backpack – […]

Black Cat Holistic Rescue

June 16, 2021

Cat Chat – Brought to You by Dr. Elsey’s (06-16-2021) #0045: Tracey Lenac, the founder of Black Cat Holistic Rescue in Los Angeles, California, is a Reiki master teacher who explains the value of practicing Reiki with any pet.   MP3 Audio [9 MB]DownloadShow URL

A Cat in Drag

June 9, 2021

Cat Chat – Brought to You by Dr. Elsey’s (06-09-2021) #0044: Paul Koudounaris (with his co-author Baba the Cat) wrote a sweeping overview of cats throughout history in A Cat’s Tale: A Journey Through Feline History, with astoundingly elaborate costumes and headdresses for Baba, who models them alongside the text. MP3 Audio [12 MB]DownloadShow URL

Is your Cat a Mean or Happy Drunk on Catnip?

June 2, 2021

Cat Chat – Brought to You by Dr. Elsey’s (06-02-2021) #0043: Dr. Mikel Delgado explains the mysteries of catnip. A cat’s response to it is genetic and for about 60% it’s a wonderful exciting experience. What cats are responding to is still a mystery, and even kittens can enjoy it, despite earlier recommendations to wait […]