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Welcome to the new CAT CHAT, brought to you by Dr. Elsey’s, the wonderful private company owned by Dr. Elsey, whose mission is to formulate litters to help keep cats in loving homes. Tracie wrote THE CAT BIBLE: Everything Your Cat Expects You to Know and with that book and this show, her own mission is to entertain, educate and inspire cat lovers to offer their kitty cats the best possible life in nutrition, affection, and environmental enrichment. With Dr. Elsey’s support, CAT CHAT® brings you interviews with cat authors and experts so you can better understand and appreciate your feline family members. Sit back and enjoy the conversations that we hope will deepen your knowledge and affection for all cats. Thanks for listening!

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Hosted by Tracie Hotchner

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Dr. Elsey’s Share Your Story: Mel & Bobcat

November 3, 2021

Cat Chat — Brought to You by Dr. Elsey’s (11-03-2021) #0066: Dr. Elsey’s has launched a project called Share Your Story, asking people to recount how their pet helped them through a tough time. Mel Futorian’s film “Mel & Bobcat” in Tracie’s 4th Annual NY Cat Film Festival (now playing nationwide), is a perfect example […]

The Power of Purrsuasion

October 27, 2021

Cat Chat — Brought to You by Dr. Elsey’s (10-27-2021) #0064: Christina Ha, the owner of the Meow Parlour in New York City, talks about Dr. Elsey’s bringing their Power of Purrsuasion campaign back to New York City! Through November 28, patrons can enjoy covered entrance fees and $75 off each adoption of an adult […]

How to Stop An Ankle-Attacking Kitty Cat

October 20, 2021

Cat Chat – Brought to You by Dr. Elsey’s (10-20-2021) #0063: Marilyn Kreiger, a Certified Cat Behavior Consultant (reachable through her website and author of the book Naughty No More, helps Tracie figure out why a listener’s cat has been biting and attacking his ankles. MP3 Audio [17 MB]DownloadShow URL

Winston the Kitty Who Couldn’t Pee

October 13, 2021

Cat Chat – Brought to You by Dr. Elsey’s (10-13-2021) #0062: Andrew Graham, the director of the documentary “Winston the Kitty Who Couldn’t Pee,” which is featured in the upcoming NY Cat Film Festival, talks about the hero of the film — who is not just the disabled cat, but the loving young woman who […]

Peacekeeping Between Housemate Cats

October 6, 2021

Cat Chat – Brought to You by Dr. Elsey’s (10-06-2021) #0051: Pam Johnson-Bennett talks about honoring each cat’s personal choices in her book Cat vs. Cat: Keeping Peace When You Have More than One Cat, which explains how to watch your cats and let them tell you where they prefer to sleep, eat and eliminate […]

Serendipity & Me — Lessons from a Cat About Covid

September 29, 2021

Cat Chat – Brought to You by Dr. Elsey’s (09-29-2021) #0061: Tal Anderson, an actor who is one of the stars of the wonderful Netflix series “Atypical” about an autistic student and his friends, directed the very personal film “Serendipity & Me,” in which she discusses the challenges of isolation during the pandemic for her […]

The Cat Flap

September 22, 2021

Cat Chat – Brought to You by Dr. Elsey’s (09-22-2021) #0060: Director Mark Rivers speaks from England where he made his very funny film that is featured in the 4th Annual NY Cat Film Festival. It’s called “The Cat Flap” and chronicles his cat’s life, as interpreted by his comings and goings through the cat […]

Let the Cats Out (in a Catio)!

September 15, 2021

Cat Chat – Brought to You by Dr. Elsey’s (09-15-2021) #0059: Cat behavior consultant Dr. Mikel Maria Delgado of Feline Minds tells Tracie about the value of putting in a catio for your cat to enjoy the fresh air safely, and describes the beautiful catio addition she just made to her own home.   MP3 […]

Claws for Alarm

September 8, 2021

Cat Chat – Brought to You by Dr. Elsey’s (09-08-2021) #0058: Author Cate Conte discusses Claws for Alarm, the newest addition to her delightful cozy mystery series, this one set at a cat cafe on a vacation island. MP3 Audio [17 MB]DownloadShow URL

The Cat LVT

September 1, 2021

Cat Chat – Brought to You by Dr. Elsey’s (09-01-2021) #0057: Ellen Carrozza is a Licensed Veterinary Technician who specializes in cats and embraces the use of pheromones at the cat-only clinic where she works. She even sprays her arms and clothes with the new pheromone product bSerene, which she finds even more effective because […]