The Bond

This show is about all aspects of the powerful bond that exists between people and their dogs — exploring what goes into that loving relationship for both species, and how to enhance and expand it in training and everyday life. Tracie’s co-host Sarah Wilson is “the Dog Expert” because of her 25 years training people and their dogs, during which time she had nine best-selling books published and earned a masters degree in the human-animal bond.

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Finding Solace After Loss of Pet

The Bond (05-23-2016) #0014: How do we move forward when weighed down by the grief of losing a beloved pet? Julie Delsoldato created The Golden Bead in Vermont, a process by which she incorporates cremation ashes or a pet’s fur into glass beads, which can give solace when grieving. For Tracie she made a “sun […]

Do Pets Have Same Emotional Attachment to Owners?

The Bond (04-25-2016) #0013: Dr. Nicholas Dodman is the Chief Scientific Office of the Center for Canine Behavior Studies. Many people have a huge emotional attachment to their pets — are we correct that our pets share the same level of attachment? Do you think your dog is depressed when you leave him home? Does […]

Are You Too Emotionally Attached To Your Pet?

The Bond (03-28-2016) #0012: Co-dependence. Can you be too emotionally attached to your pet? If we need our dogs too much emotionally, do we cause them to become needy and overly-attached to us? MP3 Audio [11 MB]DownloadShow URL

A Command is a Promise to a Dog

The Bond (01-18-2016) #0011: Sarah Wilson explains her philosophy that “a command is a promise you make to your dog” – so they can have safety and freedom. Consistency about rules and setting boundaries is not “mean” — it’s loving. Clear, gentle expectations — every time. MP3 Audio [10 MB]DownloadShow URL

Worth of Senior Dog’s Life

The Bond (11-23-2015) #0008: What is an older dog’s life worth? Sarah and Tracie have a bone to pick (sic) with a recent New York Times article raising the issue of the “morality” of spending large sums for a dog’s medical care at the end of life (from a newspaper that does not question the […]

How Dogs Help Us Cope With Loss

The Bond (11-02-2015) #10: Grief: How dogs can help us cope with loss, and how we cope with our grief when we lose them. Sarah and Tracie talk about personal ways in which their dogs have given them emotional support in emotionally trying times. MP3 Audio [14 MB]DownloadShow URL

Dog Stress Tailspins?

The Bond (09-28-2015) #0009: Does “stress send dogs into a tailspin” as a recent New York Times article ( claims? Sarah Wilson says dogs have as many different personalities as people do, and the most desirable state of mind to encourage is calm, cool and collected. MP3 Audio [16 MB]DownloadShow URL

Not Enough Time For Your Dog?

The Bond (08-31-2015) #0007: Do you feel guilty about not having enough time or energy for your dog? You can feel frustrated about not having enough of either for your dog — frustration is a normal feeling — but then many of us feel guilty about that feeling. Find a few things for your dog […]

Human-Animal Bond with Goats

The Bond (08-03-2015) #0006: How about a goat for a pal? Lee Zasloff researches the human-animal bond and has been studying the connections people have with goats (to learn more, go to; Sarah Wilson picks up the thread of non-canine bonds with people and explains that The Bond with any animal is vital to […]

Relate to Dogs as Individuals

The Bond (07-06-2015) #0005: Every dog is unique! Co-host Sarah Wilson of discusses the importance of relating to each dog as an individual and not labeling them with pejorative terms like “stubborn” or “difficult.” Rather than putting a value judgment on a dog’s behavior, better to assume innocent intentions and presume they’re doing the […]