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Cat Crazy #1007 (9-30-2013)

Cat Crazy™ (9-30-2013) #1007: Nutrition and wellness specialist Jodi Ziskin from HolisticHealthyPets.net gives nutrition advice to Cathi for her five cats and the importance of Nordic Naturals omega-3 fish oil. MP3 Audio [14 MB]DownloadShow URL

Cat Crazy #1006 (9-23-2013)

Cat Crazy™ (9-23-2013) #1006: L’il Bub’s L’il Book — Tracie has a conversation with “her Dude” Mike, co-author and constant companion. MP3 Audio [13 MB]DownloadShow URL

Cat Crazy #1005 (9-16-2013)

Cat Crazy™ (9-16-2013) #1005: Mieshelle “The Cat Whisperer” from the TheCatBehaviorClinic.com in Portland Oregon, gives feline behavior consultations all over the world. Tonight she helps Danielle in San Diego, whose kitty Fifi Le Mew has out-of-litter-box problems (Tracie will send her a free coupon for Cat Attract litter — which Mieshelle approves of heartily — […]

Cat Crazy #1004 (9-9-2013)

Cat Crazy™ (9-9-2013) #1004: Dr. Jean Hofve from LittleBigCat.com shares her thoughts and agrees with Tracie about the horrors of de-clawing a cat, the ills that come from feeding “kitty crack,” and the importance of supplementing cats with omega-3 fish oil (and both recommend Nordic Naturals because of its high quality). MP3 Audio [14 MB]DownloadShow […]

Cat Crazy #1003 (9-2-2013)

Cat Crazy™ (9-2-2013) #1003: Dr. Elizabeth helps Carrie, whose adopted kitty Nacho has the obsessive-compulsive trait of chewing everything in the house, from furniture to clothes; Tracie offers Carrie a Feliway diffuser and recommends a consultation with a board certified veterinary behaviorist, because this kitty needs “psych” medication for her OCD! MP3 Audio [13 MB]DownloadShow […]