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Dog Training is People Training

All dogs are GOOD DOGS!  We believe it is people who have to be educated to understand dogs on their terms, to “bring out the good” in each dog so we can live together harmoniously. This show explores all aspects of communication between people and dogs — whether they are K-9 partners in military work, purpose-bred and trained service dogs, competitors in dog sports, or pets — from a newly-adopted senior dog or young puppy.

Tracie is joined by co-host Carol Borden, a veteran of 60 years training people to train dogs. She is the founder of Guardian Angel Medical Service Dogs, which has trained dogs through her college accredited/VA approved curriculum to work inside the Pentagon and other Department of Defense facilities alongside disabled staff members. Carol has also personally competed in the demanding sport of Schutzhund and has trained ex-military and police K-9 handlers to work at Guardian Angel training service dogs.

NOTE: The first 77 GOOD DOGS! shows in the library were co-hosted by Tracie with three veteran trainers — Gayle Watkins, Lise Pratt and Marcy Burke — who bred agility performance Golden Retrievers.

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Hosted by Tracie Hotchner, Carol Borden

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The Puppy Series #3 “No Jumping Up – Keep Four on the Floor”

October 20, 2021

Good Dogs! (10-20-2021) #6094: Tracie talks about a listener who has a 10-month-old Portuguese Water Dog who jumps on everyone. Carol Borden discusses how to manage a puppy’s (or any age dog’s) enthusiasm when the doorbell rings or people visit. Teaching how not to jump, to keep “four on the floor” for rewards, and develop […]

Totes Umbrella Trick for Defense Against Aggressive Dogs

October 6, 2021

Good Dogs! (10-06-2021) #6093: Guest co-host Elaine Berg of Golden Rule Dog Training in Evergreen, Colorado, specializes in working with aggressive dogs. She returns to talk about what to do if an aggressive dog comes at you and your dog. She recommends having a small portable umbrella (Totes or any brand) along with your poop bags and leash and describes how to use it to protect yourself and your pooch.

What Does “Aggressive Dog” Really Mean?

September 22, 2021

Good Dogs! (09-22-2021) #6092:  Guest co-host Elaine Berg of Golden Rule Dog Training in Evergreen, Colorado, specializes in working with aggressive dogs. What does “aggressive” actually mean, and how do we misunderstand aggression in managing a dog’s behavior? MP3 Audio [16 MB]DownloadShow URL

The Puppy Series, #2 Leash/Harness Walking

September 1, 2021

Good Dogs! (09-01-2021) #6091: Carol teaches every service dog puppy to walk properly without ever using a leash – which astonishes Tracie, who bemoans all the puppies who drag their people around or are dragged by then, often making polite walking a small nightmare.   MP3 Audio [12 MB]DownloadShow URL

The Puppy Series, #1 Crate Training

August 13, 2021

Good Dogs! (08-18-2021) #6090: Why a crate is essential for house training, how to best put it to use, and how to make it a positive place for the puppy. MP3 Audio [11 MB]DownloadShow URL

Got a Puppy? Good for you! But Where Did He Come From?

August 4, 2021

Good Dogs! (08-04-2021) #6088: Carol and Tracie bemoan the problem of people showing little regard for the origin of their puppy when they decide to get one. Sadly, we are an impatient nation of people who want what they want when they want it. How about being ethical? Learn where and how that puppy’s parents […]

The National Vetty Award for Suicide Prevention

July 19, 2021

Good Dogs! (07-21-2021) #6089: Carol Borden\’s Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs received an enormous honor in being chosen from among numerous nonprofit organziations serving veterans (and not just animal-related services) for their succesful work in suicide prevention. Tracie and Carol talk about how dogs are trained to interrupt a mental/emotional down spiral in their person. They also talk about the definition of a true service dog, and the problem with general misunderstandings of how highly trained these dogs are in their work with their disabled person.  

Your Dog’s Genes Really Matter

July 7, 2021

Good Dogs! (07-07-2021) #6087: Carol discusses the importance of genetics on any dog’s behavior and personality. Princeton University research results showed that genetics account for 50% of the dog’s personality/makeup. Tracie asks Carol about her breeding of German Shepherds to be service animals and how she breeds for the required temperament, intelligence and self-confidence. At […]

Are ESAs Legitimate Service Dogs?

June 23, 2021

Good Dogs! (06-23-2021) #6086: Carol explains the laws and ethics of what constitutes a true service dog — specific tasks for which the dog is trained for that individual — unlike Emotional Support Animals who, like Therapy Dogs, have no special training or skills and are simply cherished companions.     MP3 Audio [16 MB]DownloadShow […]

Training Diabetic & Seizure Alert Dogs

June 9, 2021

Good Dogs! (06-09-2021) #6085: What age do you start a dog’s training? What are the steps to teach a diabetic alert dog — Is seizure alert taught differently? What about Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI’s). Where do you get the samples on which you train the dogs? The detectable odors in the blood chemistry for a […]