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Dog Training is People Training

All dogs are GOOD DOGS!  We believe it is people who have to be educated to understand dogs on their terms, to “bring out the good” in each dog so we can live together harmoniously. This show explores all aspects of communication between people and dogs — whether they are K-9 partners in military work, purpose-bred and trained service dogs, competitors in dog sports, or pets — from a newly-adopted senior dog or young puppy.

Tracie is joined by co-host Carol Borden, a veteran of 60 years training people to train dogs. She is the founder of Guardian Angel Medical Service Dogs, which has trained dogs through her college accredited/VA approved curriculum to work inside the Pentagon and other Department of Defense facilities alongside disabled staff members. Carol has also personally competed in the demanding sport of Schutzhund and has trained ex-military and police K-9 handlers to work at Guardian Angel training service dogs.

Theme song is “My One Best Friend” by Jasmine Tea.

NOTE: The first 77 GOOD DOGS! shows in the library were co-hosted by Tracie with three veteran trainers — Gayle Watkins, Lise Pratt and Marcy Burke — who bred agility performance Golden Retrievers.

Podcast also available on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Amazon podcasts, and Audible.

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Hosted by Tracie Hotchner, Carol Borden

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Is Your Dog a Scaredy Cat?

October 10, 2022

Good Dogs! (10-12-2022) #6115: Carol Borden discusses how to handle a dog who is fearful and mitigate his discomfort with whatever frightens him, like noises, new places or people, sensations, other animals, cars, stairs, etc. She recommends breaking down into small pieces whatever causes your dog to be fearful — taking baby steps and patiently […]

What is Your Dog’s “Truth?”

September 19, 2022

Good Dogs! (09-21-2022) #6114: Dog trainer Kim Brophey created a video series called “The Dog’s Truth” in order to help people understand the underlying “truth” of who their dog is as an individual, in hopes of improving the human-canine bond with a realistic assessment and expectation of each dog.   MP3 Audio [16 MB]DownloadShow URL

Grand Opening! The Borden Veterinary Hospital at Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs!

September 5, 2022

Good Dogs! (09-07-2022) #6113: Carol talks about her life-long dream of having their own vet hospital to take care of all their service dogs, which are bred, raised and trained on their campus in Williston Florida. The dream has come true — the on-site non-profit hospital will provide for all medical needs of the dogs […]

How Long Can a Puppy “Hold it?”

August 22, 2022

Good Dogs! (08-24-2022) #6112 Carol Borden and Tracie discuss what is physically possible — and what is humane — in managing a young puppy\’s potty needs. They agree that a puppy needs to be taken out every few hours when young and always before and after any activity. They stress the urgency of a puppy\’s need to get outside to tinkle immediately upon awakening, eating or playing — and how taking him to the same spot every time and praising him will set him up for a lifetime of success.

What To Do About Bad Greeting Manners

August 10, 2022

Good Dogs! (08-10-2022) #6111: Does your dog run full tilt at other dogs like a heat seeking missile? This is not what a balanced, well-socialized dog does. In fact, it can lead to a dog fight because it is perceived as an attack by the recipient. Carol Borden explains that dogs who greet others with […]

Should Your Dog Have More Free Will?

July 27, 2022

Good Dogs! (07-27-2022) #6110: A little philosophical conversation between Tracie and Carol about whether we should allow dogs more freedom to make choices about what they want to do with or without us — or must we always be in charge of decisions? Do our dogs lack free will in their daily lives? Is it […]

Clicker Training—Good for Dolphins, Not So Much for Dogs

July 6, 2022

Good Dogs! (07-06-2022) #6109: Carol Borden talks about how clicker training was developed for performing dolphins and then transferred to dog training. She discusses why it is not a good tool for human-dog communication because it is dependent on very subtle timing. Tracie talks about how using a clicker is something she could personally never […]

Let Human Toddlers Learn Human Language by Pushing Buttons

June 22, 2022

Good Dogs! (06-22-2022) #6108: Carol Borden and Tracie discuss the misconception that a dog be taught to press buttons through classical conditioning, by stepping on large plastic buttons that emit sounds and this will supposedly express the dog’s feelings or wishes — through words which are not actually even dog-centric. Tens of thousands of dog […]

Guardian Angels Dogs Prevent Veteran Suicides

June 1, 2022

Good Dogs! (06-01-2022) #6107: Carol Borden, the Founder and Director of Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs, talks about their pride in winning the Vetty Award for the second year in a row — an award sought out by organizations of all kinds that are dedicated to preventing suicide in veterans. Carol talks about their gratitude […]

Puppy Series #10: Is Your Puppy a Good Co-Pilot?

May 18, 2022

Good Dogs! (05-18-2022) #6106: Tracie and Julie Forbes discuss puppies in the car, which she covers in her video training series “Puppyhood with Julie Forbes” and how to get puppies so comfortable in a car they will be able to travel with you anywhere you drive.   MP3 Audio [17 MB]DownloadShow URL