Tails From China

This show is a bridge between East and West to dispel negative
misconceptions about how the Chinese people feel about animals. Offering
credible information about the rapidly improving position of dogs and cats
in Chinese society, and in opposition to negative publicity by the Western
media about isolated misfortunes befalling Chinese dogs and cats, the goal
is to celebrate the evolution of the human-animal bond which is flourishing
in the People’s Republic of China,. where pet owners are eager to learn how
to provide a happy, safe, healthy life for their pets.

Mary Peng, CEO and Founder of the International Center for Veterinary
Services in Beijing.

Mary Peng’s vision to offer world-class veterinary medicine and pet care
won the 2014 Expat Life Award for ICVS as Beijing’s Best Veterinary Clinic.
Born in China, raised in Taiwan and then educated in the United States
(with a graduate business degree from Columbia University) Mary Peng’s
decades of work on behalf of animal care says, “There is so much more we
need to do to improve the lives for our beloved companion animals,
and Tails from China will allow us to reach the international community
around the world to educate and foster better understanding about China’s
culture and positive attitudes towards pets.”

Hosted by Tracie Hotchner, Mary Peng

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Tails From China #4106 (11-24-2014)

November 24, 2014

Tails From China (11-24-2014) #4106: Peter Li from the Humane Society International discusses the rescue operation in China when animal welfare groups intercepted 27 trucks on the highway, each one crammed with 500 to 900 dogs stacked in cages and crates that had gone 9 days of travel without food or water, many of them […]

Tails From China #4104 (10-27-2014)

October 27, 2014

Tails From China (10-27-2014) #4104: Mary Peng talks about the proliferation of exotic pets in China, including the woman who thought she had bought a chinchilla, only to discover she was harboring a squirrel that she could not catch in her apartment! Why do they call them “one week puppies” in China? (Because many puppies […]

Tails From China #4103 (10-20-2014)

October 20, 2014

Tails From China (10-20-2014) #4103: Mary Peng explains the evolution of pet ownership in China, which has only been legal since 1993, with anti-pet bans before that, which created a pent-up demand for pet ownership, along with additional pressure to expand one’s family with four-legged (or winged!) members because of the single-child policy in China. […]

Tails From China #4102 (10-06-2014)

October 6, 2014

Tails From China (10-06-2014) #4102: Mary Peng and Tracie have a far-ranging discussion of dogs in Chinese culture, where, until 1993, it was illegal to even own a dog — from the issue of the dog meat trade, the reasons for the government’s seemingly harsh policy to stem rabies that kills many people every year […]

Tails From China #4101 (9-22-2014)

September 23, 2014

Tails From China (9-22-2014) #4101: The debut of a new show looking at pets and their relationships to people in China, seen from inside the Peoples’ Republic through the eyes of American-educated Mary Peng, who created the International Center for Veterinary Services, the only accredited international vet center for small animals in the entire country. […]