A Great Time to Buy Omega-3 Fish Oil for Your Pets

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A Great Time to Buy Omega-3 Fish Oil for Your Pets

Those of you who’ve been listening to me for years, now, know that I have been recommending supplementing your cat and dog’s food (and your own!) with omega-3 fish oil since I wrote my books THE DOG BIBLE and THE CAT BIBLE. For years on the radio and in blogs, I’ve been writing about the vital necessity of adding high quality, carefully-sourced fish oil on a daily basis (actually twice daily, with each meal).

NOW is the time you can either stock up—whether you’ve already taken my advice and add fish oil, or want to join the bandwagon!

My truly wonderful sponsor Iceland Pure is giving a special discount through the end of June to my followers for buying their excellent products directly from them. The pandemic has been hard on many small companies, By supporting my sponsors directly you can make a difference in keeping their companies healthy while making your pets healthier. And you’ll be sustaining my entertainment and education, efforts, too!

Iceland Pure oils are Pharmaceutical Human Grade, Unscented, Never in a plastic bottle but in an aluminum can with a pump for easy dispensing based on your pet’s weight, and is a company specialized only in fish oil.

Please Go to Iceland Pure and put the code radio15 in the code box to get a 15% discount. To take advantage of the discount, I’m going to order several bottles at once (they are stable for a long time until opened!) — salmon oil, sardine anchovy oil, Premier oil, and Next level Premier oil and then rotate them into Maisie and Wanda’s diets.

Please join me for your 4-legged family’s ongoing health!

—Tracie Hotchner


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