Freekibble and Halo to the Rescue in Colorado (logo) (logo)

The recent horrendous flooding in Colorado reminds us all how vulnerable we are to the vagaries of weather, and often how little time there is for people to react and save themselves, their families and homes, and the animals who share their lives. I know many people in the past week shared my desire to want to help — to reach out and do something for the victims of the fast-moving and destructive floods. We all feel so helpless at times like this — looking at the distressing images of property lost, lives in jeopardy, and animals stranded and lost to the waters.

I want to thank Halo and the good folks at who invited us all to play this past Tuesday on September 17th so we could really help. They designated all the meals of Halo that were generated by playing that day would be destined for Colorado shelters. It felt like putting our voice in with all the other voices to show the people in Colorado that we cared about what they were going through — and hoped that spirits would be lifted by a good dinner of Halo for pets already in shelters — and those who wound up there separated from their families by the flooding.

A word of wisdom also emerged during the emotions of watching the flooding and thinking that we “should” somehow go there to help out. Such is not the case! “Dr. V.” — Jessica Vogelsang — who is a wonderful veterinarian with a funny and smart blog called — is my new co-host on one of my Radio Pet Lady Network radio shows. This week she wrote a smart and useful blog with loads of links and advice on how to really be useful and helpful in any public emergency. Even if you were in a position to go to Colorado, that is really not the best thing to do at times when there are organizations and public services trained and prepared to deal efficiently and effectively with the problems. Here’s her wonderful advice for now and any future emergency situation:

–Tracie Hotchner