COMFORT ZONE – Bringing Cat Happiness to Everyone at the NY Cat Film Festival

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COMFORT ZONE –  Bringing Cat Happiness to Everyone at the NY Cat Film Festival

I had a dream-come-true when Comfort Zone stepped up to become the Presenting Sponsor of the NY Cat Film Festival so that it could travel to over 30 cities in the U.S. this year.

Comfort Zone joined our Founding Sponsor Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat — whose love for cats and their people inspired me to create the festival in the first place — and together they have allowed me to share these joyous, inspirational and educational films with cat lovers from coast to coast.

Comfort Zone has gone a step further and decided to give everyone in every audience a gift of a  30-day pheromone diffuser! They wanted as many cat parents as possible to experience for themselves the positive effect that their pheromone diffusers have on cats. The best way to make people “believers” in how to enhance their cats lives by lowering their stress levels was to let people judge for themselves. Citizen science!

We know the benefits of Comfort Zone are particularly noticeable at a critical time: when adopting a cat into your home, a transition which is stressful and difficult for a cat, no matter how welcome you try to make her feel. The NY Cat Film Festival works in partnership with — and benefits with a portion of every ticket — a local feline rescue at every destination. Comfort Zone has also given many of them diffusers to give to their new cat adopters, because we all know that a smooth transition means a Forever Home that really lasts forever. In fact, because the Santa Fe Animal shelter (which the Festival partnered with when in Santa Fe) does nearly 50 cat adoptions a  month, Comfort Zone sent them 250 diffusers to make sure every adopter there in the near future has a happy start.

Comfort Zone - DiffuserI myself have known the calming effect pheromones have on cats since I researched and wrote about it in my book  THE CAT BIBLE more than ten years ago. I’ve talked about it often on the air on my radio show DOG TALK (and Kitties, Too!) and on CAT CHAT. The Comfort Zone company knows that the calming effect of pheromones on cats is scientifically proven to improve the cats’ quality life — especially in multi-cat households — when there is a pheromone diffuser plugged in the rooms cats spend the most time in. There is even a Comfort Zone multi-cat diffuser that has greater penetration to help “smooth the edges” for cats managing to live harmoniously together.

So you can just imagine my delight that Comfort Zone is putting a 30-day diffuser in the hands of every person who goes to the NY Cat FIlm Festival!

Here’s an example of the kind of feedback we’ve been getting — this is from Esther Mechler, whom I interviewed last year on CAT CHAT about her passion project Feline Fix by Five. She wrote this to me after driving to Portland Maine:

A college chum and I drove down to Portland last Saturday with the express purpose of seeing the Cat Film Fest and we were not disappointed!  First thing we saw as we entered the theater was the smiling faces and colorful display of the Friends of Feral Felines in Portland. They are a fabulous group.  We chatted, I bought stuff and was totally elated to get a FREE sample of Comfort Zone. I have been pulling out all stops trying to put an end to Giuseppe’s spraying; alas he was fixed well after five months (he was about to be put down after one of the Louisiana floods and my friend Lynn grabbed him for me)  He has destroyed the floor in the pantry and upset the two other cats to the point that they too were being bad. Anyhow I am so glad to have this sample of Comfort Zone to try.

You can read more about cat stressors and how Comfort Zone helps with them on my radio website, where they are also a sponsor.

You can find Comfort Zone diffusers at Petco and online at Amazon and

—Tracie Hotchner

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photo credit: cuatrok77 fat cat via photopin (license)