Gorgeous Books for Glorious Films

Books: Girls And Their Cats & The Year Of The Dogs

Gorgeous Books for Glorious Films

Every year I give a gift to each of the filmmakers whose films have been chosen for the Cat Film Festival and the Dog Film Festival – and what better way to salute their artistry than to be able to with a book of equal excellence?

As luck would have it, Chronicle Books just came out with two terrific books that I was delighted to interview the authors of on DOG TALK (and Kitties, Too!).

Now have the additional pleasure of being able to send a copy of these eye-popping books to every filmmaker whose movie made it into the Festival.

I interviewed Brianne Wills  on the radio about her book Girls and Their Cats —- and she’s actually going to be there at the premiere of the 3rd Annual NY Cat Film Festival on Sunday, November 3rd, so it will be lovely to repay her generosity in gifting her beautiful book to all of the cat filmmakers.

My interview with Vincent Musi about his stunning book The Year of the Dogs will air the weekend of November 2nd, with the 5th Annual NY Dog Film Festival also premiering on November 3rd. The filmmakers with the dog-human bond at the center of their movies will love their copies of the book, so kindly offered by Vince and Chronicle Books.

I urge you to take a moment to look at these beautiful photo books in your favorite bookstore or online. They are a treat that you deserve to have on your own shelf — and might want to give to another passionate pet lover.

I really hope you’ve already gotten your film festival tickets for the species of your choice. I’m delighted so many people who came in previous years are already snapping up their seats. The films this year seem to surpass all the prior years and it’s exciting to have filmmakers flying in from Oregon, Southern and Northern California — along with those taking the subway from Brooklyn! I look forward to welcoming them — and all of you who share our fascination and passion for dogs and cats.

—Tracie Hotchner

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