Guardian Angel to Kitty Cats

NY Cat Film Festival

Guardian Angel to Kitty Cats

This weekend my NY Cat Film Festival will be playing twice at the beautiful Regent Theater outside Boston in Arlington – on Friday night June 29th and again as a pair of matinee shows on Sunday July 1st. We’re so sure that cat lovers are going to arrive in droves that we’ve given them two different days to share the love – and on Friday night added an extra special feline celebrity hostess: Rachel Geller, who is a certified cat behavior consultant and a board member of The Cat Connection [which is the beneficiary of the NY Cat Film Festival, along with the WINN Feline Foundation, our national beneficiary). Dr. Rachel is going to be giving a free Q&A after the second show to offer people advice about solving their cat issues.

Rachel is one of those animal-loving people who remind me why I love being part of the pet community: she volunteers and consults at several area shelters to help socialize and make cats more adoptable, and to help their new humans make the transition successfully to integrate them into their new home. Rachel consults without a fee to as many as 400 adoptive families getting new cats every year.

You can hear my discussion with her on this week’s Dog Talk® (and Kitties, Too!) about how she frequently recommends Comfort Zone pheromone diffusers and spray to her clients, as a proven method of solving many feline behavior issues. Exciting news for those attending the Cat Film Festival programs this weekend is that everyone in the audience will be getting a gift of the new Comfort Zone diffusers that plug in and last a whole month to help calm kitties. It’s a celebration of Comfort Zone becoming a sponsor on the radio show, and taking the top spot of Presenting Sponsor of the NY Cat Film Festival as it travels the country (along with Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat, the Founding Sponsor of the Festival). Comfort Zone wants the super-feline-aficionados who come to the festival to go home with a pheromone diffuser that can lower cat stress and increase the love they exchange with their people.

If you’re a serious cat lover, I hope you’ll shuffle on over to Arlington if you’re in the zip code and see what all the “meows” are about!

—Tracie Hotchner

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