Power of Purrsuasion Adoption Event

Meow Parlour POP

Dr. Elsey’s, the Founding Sponsor of the NY Cat Film Festival, is launching the first adoption pop-up event for their Power of Purrsuasion campaign in New York City for two weeks, beginning Monday April 22nd to May 15th, at the Meow Parlour.

Dr. Elsey’s will cover a limited number of Meow Parlour reservation fees and adoption fees every day for the two weeks, which is a great way to celebrate Spring! Reservations are always necessary to hang out with pussy cats at Meow Parlour, but especially if you want to take advantage of being Purr-suaded to visit with Dr. Elsey’s financial support go Meow Parlour, quick as the Easter bunny to grab a spot. The Purr-suasion partnership is about increasing adoption rates by helping educate adopters on the benefits of owning a cat. Early adopters of Meow Parlour kitties will get an Adoption Starter Bag (for a limited time, while supplies last) full of products to ease their transition into their new forever home, including a pheromone diffuser from Comfort Zone, the company that is the national Presenting Sponsor of the NY Cat Film Festival.

You can hear me talk about this wonderful campaign with Christina Ha of the Meow Parlour on Dog Talk (#619, April 20, 2019)

—Tracie Hotchner
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Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat and Comfort Zone are sponsors on Radio Pet Lady Network, by our invitation.