Is “Too Skinny” bad for Cat Health?

Skinny Cat
Skinny Cat
Skinny Cat is a Healthy Cat

Hi Tracie! I think your advice is invaluable and have fed my cat only wet, grain-free food since I brought her home from the shelter. She is a wonderful 2 y.o. and weighs about 10 lbs. I feed her Soulistic with a few Greenies here and there, but I am worried she’s not eating enough. I think she should be eating 10 oz of food per day, but I’m lucky if I can get her to eat 2 3-oz packets of Soulistic a day. Sometimes she will go for 3, sometimes only 1. Should I be worried? The vet thinks she’s fine, but she looks very skinny to me, and she’s a DMH tuxedo. Thanks!”

Here’s what I told Mary Lynn:

Think how big a mouse is — that’s all the nutrition a cat really needs and she’d be lucky to get a mouse every day! Skinny is good where cats are concerned. That is their “normal” — but we have come to see chubby cats as normal. Check with any expert on feline nutrition and I can assure you they would be very happy you’re feeding wet food only — a fine brand made by Weruva for Petco. But I know they would agree about your choice of occasional “treat” as not being a choice they would make. If you want to give a treat that promotes cat health, try the Halo Liv-A-Little freeze dried chicken, beef or salmon. Now THOSE are terrific nutrition and fun for your kitty cat. Another pate-style cat food you can try is Weruva’s BFF (Best Feline Friend.)

–Tracie Hotchner

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