Headed to Court over Barking Dog

Barking Dogs
Barking Dogs
Barking Dogs

Please help. I have two small Min Pins who only bark for a minute or two when a stranger arrives at my door, or in my back yard. They are indoors 99%. However, my neighbor has called Animal Control twice, and is now taking me to court. They claim they recorded my dogs barking for one hour straight. I’ve lived here 11 years and the neighbors in the house next door never called to complain before. They are angry that I am remodeling, plus more people come and go so the dogs respond. But this is temporary. I fear what might happen in court and welcome any suggestions you have.

Dr. Marian

I told Marian that there are several issues here and she needs to call into either of my shows so we can talk. Meanwhile the questions are:

1) The dogs really may be barking a long time — SHE should set up a tape recorder herself to see if the neighbors are right or to prove them wrong

2) She needs to find out what the noise/nuisance barking laws are in her area since they vary everywhere

3) Are the neighbors really going to court or just threatening?

4) There are lawyers who specialize in these pet issues — she should Google & find out if there’s one near her

5) While there are workmen etc. upsetting the dogs is there a doggy day care or pet sitter who could take them when she is out?

Has anyone out there had a similar dog barking situation — on either side of the fence — who can suggest how Dr Marian should proceed? Real-life scenarios are often very helpful.

— Tracie Hotchner