Watch NY Dog Film Festival From Comfort of Your Own Couch!

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Watch the NY Dog Film Festival From the Comfort of Your Own Couch!

Have you been reading about the NY Dog Film Festival as it travels the country and not been able to go? Have you been feeling sad, wishing it would come to your town? Cheer up! Your wait is over! Great news is here: I’ve put together the first 3 On Demand collections of the NY DFF  which you can download online and watch anytime, anywhere you want, on any device you want — although I strongly suggest the couch (if your dog will give you enough room up there to sit down with the whole family!)

What’s really thrilling about these themed collections is that they are not the movies people are going to see in the theaters! I’ve picked out these films to work together to bring a really terrific experience of the love between dogs and their people, right to your door. This also means that if you have been lucky enough to see the 1st or 2nd Annual NY DFF in a theater (with or without your dog) you can enjoy these films too, because you won’t have seen them yet.

And this is unique entertainment at your fingertips that does good for others, too. Every download benefits the filmmakers who made these dog-loving films, and also supports the innovative national animal welfare organization Michelson Found Animals, a non-profit that supports pet owners and shelters. Found Animals created the first free national microchip registry, funds research into next generation non-surgical spay/neuter technology, provides affordable high-quality products for shelters, and has their own adoption centers in Los Angeles. You’ll see a heart-warming PSA about Found Animals Foundation when you watch the On Demand collections, as well as learn about our partner, DogTV, which is offering a free month of programming for your dog.

Here’s the TRAILER for the “Wonderfully Wacky” Collection of films, which are funny, weird, off-beat and surprising films for more sophisticated tastes (not the one to share with small children, who won’t really “get it” for most of the films, although there’s nothing offensive).

There is also the “New York, New York” collection, which celebrates the challenges and delights of dogs and their people in the great metropolis.

The 3rd collection is a full length film “SNIFF,” which is a hilarious Monty Python-type story that also contains two actual documentaries, one about training a bomb-sniffing dog, and another about teaching a guide dog for a sight-impaired person (and those downloads benefit Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Rafael, California).

I want to remind everyone that it was Halo Purely for Pets that was the very first sponsor in 2015 and made the NY Dog Film Festival a reality, and continued to support it. A grant from the Petco Foundation made it possible for me to travel with the NY DFF in 2016 and again this year they are the presenting sponsor, and have made dreams come true for a lot of people (me, especially!) The films in the On Demand collections are a direct benefit of those sponsorships.

Have fun! Please let me know how you like these collections! More coming soon!

—Tracie Hotchner

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