Respect Your Elders! Give Senior Dogs a Holistic Boost

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Respect Your Elders! Give Senior Dogs a Holistic Boost

Do you have a small or medium dog who is older than 7? Or a very large or giant breed who is 5 years or older? At those ages they are technically considered senior citizens, and these guys need everything we can offer them to keep them alert, active and healthy. Quality nutrition and keeping them at a slim weight will go a long way to supporting their wellness and longevity, but it’s also a good time to consider boosting their nutrition.

Halo has a new Senior Dog Defense supplement that supports cognitive function, alertness and youthful vigor in dogs as they age.  As with all the Halo products, the 100% active natural ingredients in this supplement are non-GMO,for an extra measure of peace of mind about the wholesome goodness of the supplement, which has no fillers, sugars, glycerin or anything artificial.

Halo Senior Dog DefenseHolistic by nature, Halo’s condition-specific supplements are carefully formulated to work with the entire physiology of your dog, including the normal effects of aging and environmental stresses. Their unique, holistic Senior Dog Defense formula includes a blend of whole natural ingredients like bee pollen, coconut, sweet potato, anise, gingko biloba leaf extract and omega-3 fatty acids that work with your dog’s natural systems to help them maintain healthy cognitive function through their senior years.

Considering that Halo’s supplements are made in the USA with quality tested, human grade ingredients, herbs and botanicals from around the world — and like me you’re past middle age — you’ll wonder if you shouldn’t sprinkle some on your own breakfast!

—Tracie Hotchner

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photo credit: ustung Macedonia-An old and tired street dog via photopin (license)