A Book About Meghan Markle’s Beagle as Good as Eloise

His Royal Dogness - Guy the Beagle w Background

A Book About Meghan Markle’s Beagle as Good as Eloise

An absolutely delicious children’s book “His Royal Dogness, Guy the Beagle: The Remarkable True Story of Meghan Markle’s Rescue Dog,”  has arrived just in time for putting under the tree – and onto the shelf for now and forever more. I haven’t seen a children’s book this delightful since Eloise said “Charge it!” at the Plaza. And this book has drawings every bit as scrumptious and life-affirming, and a character as sparkly yet real.

The story sounds very true — Guy was a beagle who was sent to a shelter in Kentucky, where he says “I soon learned that an animal shelter is a lot like a public restroom — you want to spend as little time in one as possible.”

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When he doesn’t get picked for adoption, and comments “I’m not sure why. My ears are like velvet, my paws smell like corn chips, and I have a superior sniffing nose. I’m a catch.”

Then he gets moved to a shelter in Toronto, Canada where who should adopt him but Meghan Markle, a star of “Suits” which filmed in that city. And the rest is history, as Meghan leaves the small screen for the biggest stage of them all — with Guy in tow.

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He writes about the trouble he has adjusting to a different culture, and how impressed he is with Kensington Palace. Guy swoons over “huge fireplaces to curl up next to, antique furniture legs to gnaw on…and the royal guards were all wearing black poodles on their head for some reason.” [I don’t think I’ll see a palace guard’s bearskin hat quite the same way anymore!]

Gorgeous drawings accompany Guy’s worries about understanding the cultural differences, and whether he will be accepted since he’s only a rescue, not a purebred with papers.

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But Meghan assures him he will be loved for just being himself — all good messages for children, of course. Then the “true story” part merges with the happy ending of Guy saving the day on Meghan and Harry’s wedding by assisting the Queen with something she has lost — and becoming her true friend.

Get this book for the sheer delight of it (and if there’s a child in your life, so much the better!).


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