Apparently, August is Itchy Dog Month

Wanda itchy stomach

Apparently, August is Itchy Dog Month

I’ve heard of National Dog Day in August but I only recently discovered that all of August has been dubbed “the itchiest month.” This happened to be when my skin-sensitive Wanda the Weimaraner has reacted yet again to the grasses in the fields where I take her and Maisie to run every morning. I knew the reaction was seasonal — and even though she adores zooming around and leaping for butterflies, I feel guilty when she tries to scratch her armpits with her back legs for days afterward.

Wanda, itchy stomach, weltsAfter a recent run I turned her over to have a look and found her belly had broken out in a red welts, reminding me she is clearly allergic to what is growing in the fields. I hosed her down with plain water, which didn’t really help.

Then I remembered that my DOG TALK® radio sponsor, Zymox, had sent me some of their products. I knew the Zymox shampoo has a special enzyme system that gently calms the skin, which I thought was for infections and hot spots. I felt so bad for Wanda’s itching and scratching that I figured I’d try it on her very unhappy inflamed skin. Afterward, I sprayed on their Topical Inflammation Relief, which also has their LP3 enzyme system, but figured we needed help! There was also a topical cream to rub in.

Boy was I grateful to have that booty on my dog shelf: Wanda heaved a sigh of relief after her spa treatments, and now she can run to her heart’s content with no itchy side effects.

—Tracie Hotchner

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