CanineActiv® Supplement for Old Boys in Hospice Care

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CanineActiv Supplement for Old Boys in Hospice Care

Sherri Franklin founded the well-loved senior dog rescue, Muttville, in San Francisco many moons ago. She is still bringing some of the rescues to her own house to await a loving home, or to live out their days with her. Many of us think of Muttville dogs as being smaller mutts, but they welcome dogs of any size. As it turned out, recently there were two large dogs, Booker T. and Phyllo, both of them needing hospice care for the short time it was estimated they each had left. Sherri went to pick them up and here they are (see image above) on the day they met.

Living in a loving house was a novelty for these old fellas, and they had some adjustments to make to realize they had landed in dog heaven on earth! They became very close buddies and got used to living the good life very quickly as you can see here:

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They were suffering from what all older dogs have: arthritis, which makes getting up and down painful and difficult. These old fellas moved really slowly and couldn’t manage the stairs (which was actually fine with the smaller senior rescues who slept upstairs with Sherri!)

I have always told people that older dogs, especially large ones, really need to take daily joint supplements to ease the discomfort of getting older. I reached out to one of my wonderful sponsors for my radio show DOG TALK® — CanineActive®, a mobility supplement that is especially valuable for competitive athletes but also senior dogs. What is great about it is that it can be used alongside any other medications or supplements a dog is taking, and generally, the dogs show improvement in getting around within a week. They kindly sent some capsules to Sherri for these two boys to try. Sadly, Phyllo passed away before he could feel the benefits — a death that was expected but still very sad. Not just for Sherri and her helpers, but for Booker T., who had quickly bonded with his pal. Here’s Booker, now without his buddy who went over the Rainbow Bridge

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The good news is that Sherri started Booker on the CanineActive® and wrote me, “I received the CanineActive and have started Booker T on it! I just put some cream cheese on the pill and gown the hatch! I am watching his mobility. It’s only been a week and the good news is that he does seem to feel better, moving up and down my carpeted stairs just to follow me!
I can’t thank you enough for sending it to me and will send more photos.”

Bravo to Sherri for her tireless devotion to the oldster dogs – and thanks for CanineActiv® for donating some comfort to a fella who needed it most.

CanineActiv (Large and Medium Breed Caps)

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