EUREKA! Kradle Makes CBD That Really Does Calm Dogs!

Kradle Melts

EUREKA! Kradle Makes CBD that Really Does Calm Dogs!

I am professionally honored and personally grateful to welcome Kradle as a sponsor of my show DOG TALK, and also as a supporter of my continual efforts to educate and inspire dog owners about where to spend their time and money. I have found that place — and it’s kradle, a company that makes CBD calming supplements for dogs. They make scientifically blended CBD with one goal in mind: to have a safe and reliable calming effect on dogs who experience stress and anxiety — whether from thunderstorms, car rides, vet visits, being groomed, having their toenails cut, stranger anxiety or just visitors upsetting their home routine.

I invited Kradle into my corner of the dog world because I saw they were different: they had a clear mission: to create calming supplements from pure CBD oil and historically proven calming botanicals into dog-friendly tasty products.

For several years I’ve been watching more than a dozen companies pop up in the pet marketplace to sell CBD products. Several came from the human space, others were boosted by venture capital companies, which clearly saw dollar signs in the surge of interest in CBD for both pets and humans. The pet industry is truly deluged by products with claims that their products solve multiple problems — everything from stress, to hypertension, to heart problems, to pain relief for muscles, to joint problems — or the empty claim that their product is just “good for overall wellness.” Other companies started marketing their various biscuits or other treats as “containing CBD” but again, that’s a pretty hollow piece of information. How does anyone choose a brand? How does anyone justify the high price tag on CBD when they don’t know what they are actually getting — or whether it has been formulated to actually work?

Wanda on Kradle CBD chews 740w


Kradle looked and sounded different to me — more focussed on dogs and calmness, period. I figured I’d try my own personal experiment. I bought a box of their “instant action” Kradle “melts” — a thin wafer you pop in your dog’s mouth right when danger strikes (in Wanda Weimaraner’s case, the first crack of thunder). Although every dog’s reaction to CBD is different, I have to tell you I found magic in the melt! One flash of Spring lightning and my 92 lb. Wanda Weimaraner began to tremble, pant, salivate and try to hide in my closet. Ordinarily she does that from the first sign of a storm to the tail end of it. Usually I give her TWO trazodone tranquilizers, although they don’t even seem to make much difference. Instead, I quickly placed the little melt wafer in her mouth and it was nearly instantaneous: honest-to-goodness she took a deep breath, lay down and curled up. Thunder and heavy rain followed. She slept. Brilliant! Melts are life changing! Next I’m going to try their Chillers for Maisie, who gets agitated in the evenings as she gets older. I’ll report back soon!

—Tracie Hotchner

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